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Setup User as a Worker to Access Purchase Order Form ( You are Not Setup as a Worker. To Access This Form You Need To Be a Worker )
Creation of Purchase Orders in Oracle Applications
Oracle Puchase Order Types
Oracle Purchasing R12 New Features
Oracle Purchase Order Metalink Note Ids
Oracle R12 Order Management and Purchase Orders Data Fix Patches and Scripts
Oracle R12 - AP Auto Invoice Creation
How to make the hierarchy of Requisition
Oracle Purchase Orders Metalink IDs
Pick Release and Auto Allocation
Accrual Process for Period-End Accruals
Oracle Purchase Order Steps
Purchase order encumbrances
Period Close Process In PO
Purchasing Setup of Approval Hierarchies in Oracle R12
Define a Unit of Measure
Create an Inventory Organization in R12 PO
Create a Location In R12 PO
Set Flexible PO Approval Limits
Oracle Purchare Order Setups
Oracle EBS 11i setup -Oracle purchasing setup
Create Complex PO and Invoice With Retainage
Oracle Purchasing
Oracle Purchase Order Requisition - RFQ & QUOTATION PROCESS
different types of RFQ's, Quotations and Purchase Orders in Oracle
Wait for Background Process Issue in PO Requisitions
Enable Descriptive Flexfield At Header Level In View Requisitions Page
Oracle iProcurement Integration with Other Modules
Procurement Standard Features Differences between 11i and R12
Oracle iProcurement Metalink Note Ids
Usual Oracle Applications PO Tables
Query To Find the Drop Ship Purchase Orders
Oracle Order Management and Purchase Order Scripts
Oracle Purchase Orders Hierarchy Query
Oracle Purchase Order Metalink Note Ids
Oracle R12 Order Management and Purchase Orders Data Fix Patches and Scripts
Approved PO without notification of specific Employee
The following Query gives you the PO Details in R12 which have receipts and which don't have Invoices.
PO Queries
Getting the Position Name and Supervisor Id by Oracle User Login Name
Oracle Purchase Order 11i and R12 Tables
List of Approvers for a Purchase Order in Position Hierarchy
Query to Get PO Receipt Received and Shipment Quantity Details
Adding Attachments to Invoices/Purchase Orders Through PL/SQL
How to Use Dynamic Queries To Determine Approvers for iProcurement Requisitions - Example Based on Requisition Line Requester
How to Configure AME To Route Requisitions to the Requester's (Not Preparer's) Next Position In the Default Position Hierarchy
Oracle Purchare Order (PO) Queries
PO Interface Tables
PO Tables
Single Query For P To P Cycle
Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order Query
PO - Script to Create Oracle Purchase Order Receipt from Backend
Oracle Purchase Order Single Insert Script Process
Script to Cancel the Purchase Order with API
Oracle Purchase Order Single Insertion Script
Blancket Purchase Order(Invoice) Single Insert In Oracle 11i
PO's Without Requesition Query
PO, Supplier and Invoice Query
Debugging PO Query
Canceled Requisitions Query
SO PO Requesition Query
Oracle PO Approval Metrics

Interview Questions and Answers - FAQS
Oracle Purchasing Interview Questions and Answers
Oracle Purchasing and Payables Interview Questions
Oracle Purchasing and Payable Interview Questions and Answers
Purchasing and Payable Questions
Autocreate Purchase Orders Questions and Answers
Oracle Procure To Pay (P2P)
Oracle Procure To Pay (P2P) Life Cycle
Oracle P2P (Procure To Pay) Functional Overview
Oracle Procure to Pay Overview
Oracle P2P (Procure To Pay) Functional Overview
Oracle P2P FAQs?
Oracle Procure To Pay (P2P) Queries
Procure to Pay Cycle Query
Procure to Pay query without receipts
A ‘P2P’ query which Populates all PO details:
Integration with other Modules
Oracle Purchasing and Payable
Oracle Project Accounting Intigration with Purchase Orders and Payable Modules
Oracle Projects Integrating with Payables, Purchasing and Inventory Modules
How The Match Approval Level Options works in Payables and Purchase Order
Contingent Worker Functionality in Oracle Applications R12
To Link Multiple Purchase Orders to Contingent Worker in Oracle Project Accounting
PA - Contingent Worker Functionality and Setup Steps in Oracle Project Accounting
Steps involved in setting up and using Advanced Pricing with Oracle Purchasing
Oracle Application Navigations Inventory Setup in Purchasing
 PO - iProcurement 
 PO - iProcurement Setup and Process Training Manual 
 PO - Purchase Order Single Insert Script Process 
 PO - Purchase Order Types
 PO - Purchasing 
 PO - Purchasing 
 PO - Requisition, RFQ, Quotation, Quotation Analysis and PO Creation Process 

If you are facing any issues while copying the Code/Script or any issues with Posts, Please send a mail to or message me at @apps88 or +91 905 957 4321 in telegram.
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