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Important columns: 
PO_DISTRIBUTION_ID :  Document distribution unique identifier. Primary key for this table.
PO_HEADER_ID : Document header unique identifier. References PO_HEADERS_ALL.PO_HEADER_ID.
PO_LINE_ID : Document line unique identifier. References PO_LINES_ALL.PO_LINE_ID.
LINE_LOCATION_ID : Document shipment schedule unique identifier. References PO_LINES_LOCATIONS_ALL.LINE_LOCATION_ID.
SET_OF_BOOKS_ID : Set of Books unique identifier. References GL_SETS_OF_BOOKS.SET_OF_BOOKS_ID.
CODE_COMBINATION_ID : Unique identifier for the General Ledger charge account. References GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS.CODE_COMBINATION_ID.
REQ_DISTRIBUTION_ID :  Requisition distribution unique identifier. References PO_REQ_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL.DISTRIBUTION_ID.
DELIVER_TO_LOCATION_ID : Unique identifier for the delivery location. References HR_LOCATIONS_ALL.LOCATION_ID.
DESTINATION_TYPE_CODE :  Final destination of the purchased items
DESTINATION_ORGANIZATION_ID : Final destination organization unique identifier. References HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS.ORGANIZATION_ID. Combined with DESTINATION_SUBINVENTORY, forms a foreign key to MTL_SECONDARY_INVENTORIES. Combined with WIP_ENTITY_ID, forms a foreign key to WIP_ENTITIES. Combined with WIP_LINE_ID, forms a foreign key to WIP_LINES. Combined with WIP_ENTITY_ID, WIP_OPERATION_SEQ_NUM, and WIP_REPETITIVE_SCHEDULE_ID, forms a foreign key to WIP_OPERATIONS. Combined with WIP_ENTITY_ID, WIP_OPERATION_SEQ_NUM, WIP_RESOURCE_SEQ_NUM, and WIP_REPETITIVE_SCHEDULE_ID, forms a foreign key to WIP_OPERATION_RESOURCES

PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL contains accounting distribution information for a purchase order shipment line. You need one row for each distribution line you attach to a purchase order shipment. There are four types of documents using distributions in Oracle Purchasing:
  1. Standard Purchase Orders
  2. Planned Purchase Orders
  3. Planned Purchase Order Releases
  4. Blanket Purchase Order Releases
Each row includes the destination type, requestor ID, quantity ordered and deliver-to location for the distribution.
Oracle Purchasing uses this information to record accounting and requisition information for purchase orders and releases.

PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL is one of five tables storing purchase order and release information.
Some columns in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL contain information only if certain conditions exist:
  • If you autocreate this accounting distribution from a requisition, REQ_DISTRIBUTION_ID corresponds to the ID of the requisition distribution you copy on the purchase order.

  • If you use a foreign currency on your purchase order, Oracle Purchasing stores currency conversion information in RATE and RATE_DATE.

  • If you use encumbrance, GL_ENCUMBERED_DATE and GL_ENCUMBERED_PERIOD_NAME contain encumbrance information Oracle Purchasing uses to create journal entries in Oracle General Ledger.

  • If you do not autocreate the purchase order from online requisitions, REQ_LINE_REFERENCE_NUM and   REQ_HEADER_REFERENCE_NUM contain the requisition number and requisition line number of the corresponding paper requisition. These two columns are not foreign keys to another table.

  • If the distribution corresponds to a blanket purchase order release, PO_RELEASE_ID identifies this release.

  • If SOURCE_DISTRIBUTION_ID has a value, the distribution is part of a planned purchase order release.

  • If you cancel the distribution, Oracle Purchasing automatically updates QUANTITY_CANCELLED or GL_CANCELLED_DATE. Oracle Purchasing also enters UNENCUMBERED_AMOUNT if you use encumbrance.
You enter distribution information in the Distributions window, accessible through the Purchase Orders and Releases windows.

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