Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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Important columns: 
INTERFACE_CHARGE_ID : Entity identifier
AMOUNT :  Charge amount
CURRENCY_CODE : Currency code of the charge
PARENT_HEADER_INTERFACE_ID :  Identifier of the parent item transaction header interface. Required for header level charges.
PARENT_INTERFACE_ID : Identifier of the parent item transaction interface. Required for line level charges.
VENDOR_ID :  Identifier of the charge providor
VENDOR_SITE_ID :  Identifier of the charge providor site
PROCESSING_STATUS_CODE : The status of preprocessing this charge
TRANSACTION_STATUS_CODE : The status code of processing this charge

RCV_CHARGES_INTERFACE stores charge data that will be used to import charges into Receiving system through ROI. Each charge record needs to have a backing item transaction for Receiving processor to pick it up. For header level charge,  a reference to RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE is required, while for line level charge, a reference to RCV_TRNSACTIONS_INTERFACE is required.

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