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 AOL - Application Object Library 
 AOL - Add Responsibility To Oracle FND User 
 AOL - Application Testing Suite Test Starter Kits for Oracle E-Business Suite R12 & 11i 
 AOL - Applications (AOL) Technical Document 
 AOL - Changing Color Scheme and Look and Feel of Application 11i and R12 
 AOL - Creating (AOL objects) Function, Menu, Request group, Responsibility, Concurrent Program, Users, Flex fields, Value sets, Profile Options from Application and with API Script (Backend) 
 AOL - Creating Custom Account Flex Field Parameter in Concurrent Programs 
 AOL - EBS Application Object Library 
 AOL - How to run various trace logs in Oracle Apps 
 AOL - Introduction to Oracle R12 Application Training Manual 
 AOL – Oracle Application Object Library Training Manual 
 AOL - R12 Application Concepts 
 AOL - R12 Basic Navigations 
 AOL - Request Set 
 AOL - Script to Create a Custom Executable, Concurrent Program and Assign the program to request group
 AOL - Script to Create the Executable, Concurrent Program and Parameters 
 AOL - Step By Step Learning of Oracle Applications 
 AOL - Step By Step Learning of Oracle Applications 
 AOL - Step to Attach a Menu Function to Responsibility 
 AOL - Value Set 
 AOL - Value Sets 
Oracle Application R12 (12.1.3) Installation on Linux (64 bit)
Oracle Applications Basic Training Manual
Oracle Application Training Documents
Basic Oracle Apps Training Videos
Oracle Applications Basics Training Manual
Business Process Flow in Oracle Applications
Oracle Applications - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Training Manual
ERP and Oracle E-Business Suite Concepts
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Videos Part - 001:
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Videos Part - 002:
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Videos Part - 003:
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Videos Part - 004:
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Videos Part - 005:
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Videos Part - 006:
Click on the below link to get Oracle Application Basic Training Video on Key Flexfield:
Oracle Applications Flex Fields
Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) Objects Creation from Application and Database

P2P - Oracle Procure To Pay
 P2P – Oracle Procure to Pay Cycle Training Manual 
 P2P - Oracle Procure To Pay Life Cycle Training Manual 
 P2P - Procure to pay (P2P) Cycle in Purchasing 
 P2P - Procure To Pay Cycle (P2P) 
 P2P - Purchasing, Payables and P2P Queries and Scripts 
 P2P Document 
 P2P Procure to Pay Life Cycle End to End Process 
 P2P Setup Screen Shots 
Procure to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C) Life Cycle Process
Oracle Fusion Procure to Pay (P2P) Life Cycle - Setups and Process Flow Training Manual

O2C - Oracle Order To Cash 
 O2C - Configure To Order Cycle 
 O2C - Oracle Order to Cash (O2C) Flow Video Tutorial 
 O2C - Oracle Order To Cash Life Cycle Training Document 
 O2C - Order to Cash 
 O2C - Order To Cash (O2C) Process with Credit Limits Training Manual 
 O2C - Order to Cash Cycle (O2C) 
 O2C - Order To Cash Flow document 
 O2C - Order To Cash Technical Details 
 O2C - Order To Cash Life Cycle in Order Management 
 O2C Cycle 
 O2C Flow 
 O2C Flow cycle 
 O2C Implementation 
Oracle Order to Cash (O2C) Process Training Manual
Oracle Order To Cash (O2C) Life Cycle Overview
Order to Cash (O2C) Cycle with Table details in Oracle Apps
Order to Cash Fundamentals

 FINACIALS - R12 EBS Financial Recorded Session Videos 
 FINACIALS - R12 Financials Training Documents 
 Finance Basics 
 Finance Trial Balance and Ledger Details 
 Financial Overview 
 FA - Oracle Fixed Assets Training Manual 
 FA - R12 Fixed Assets 
 AP - Defining Banks, Branches, Bank Account and Bank Transaction Codes 
 AP - Defining Check Book in Oracle Payments 
 AP - iExpense Implementation Steps 
 AP – Oracle Account Payable Training Manual 
 AP - Oracle Payables (AP) Setups and Process Training Manual 
 AP - R12 Account Payables
 AP - R12 Account Payables Screen Shots 
 AP - R12 AP Check Printing Setups and Process Document 
 AP - R12 Bank, Branch, Bank Account and Payment Document Creation 
 AP - R12 Creating a Supplier with Employee through Expense Report 
 AP - Payables 
 AP - R12 Supplier Relationships 
 AP Training Document 
AP - Oracle R12 Account Payable Training Manual
 AP/AR - R12 Payables and Receivables (AP and AR) Netting Setups and Process 
 AR - R12 Receivables 
 AR - Receivable Functional Document 
 AR - Receivables Commitments 
 AR - Receivables Credit Memo and Debit Memo 
 AR - Receivables Transactions with Rules 
 AR - Setting Up to use the Automatic Receipts and Remittance Feature 
 AR Setups 
AR - Oracle R12 Account Receivable Training Manual
AR - Setting Up Address Validation in Release 12
Oracle Receivables
 CASH - R12 Cash Management 
 Cash Management 
 GL - General Ledger (GL) Training Document 
 GL - General Ledger Navigator Paths & GLOSSARY 
 GL - Oracle General Ledger Setup Steps 
 GL - R12 General Ledger 
 GL - R12 General Ledger New Features 
 GL Basic for oracle apps 
GL - Oralce R12 General Ledger Training Manual
FSG - Oracle General Ledger FSG Reports Detail
Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Setup Steps
 TAX - How To Setup EBTax So Tax Is Calculated on Payables Invoice 
 TAX - Oracle EBTax Setup and Process in Payables Invoice Training Manual 
 TCA - R12 Trading Community Architecture Technical 
 SLA - 11i Vs R12 Sub Ledger Changes 
 SLA - High Level 
 SLA - R12 Payables Sub ledger Accounting Technical 
 COLLECTIONS - Advanced Collections Setups 
Oracle R12 Financial Training Manuals
1z0-516 - Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials
AP AME - Setup AME to Process Line Level Approval in Payables
Intercompany and Intracompany in R12 General Ledger
Oracle R12 Fixed Assets Training Manual
Oracle Applications Financials Interview Questions and Answers (FAQs)
FAQS - Oracle Applications Technical and Functional Interview Questions and Answers
Construction In Process (CIP) Asset Additions
1Z0-517 - Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Payables Essentials
R11i & R12 Supply Chain Cost Rollup Process
How Does Oracle Financial Work
EBTax – Oracle E-Business Tax Setups and Process Training Manual
Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables (AP) Training Manual
SLA – Oracle Sub ledger Accounting Training Manual
Oracle Customers Details
AR - Oracle Receivables (Setups and Process) Training Manual
Oracle R12 Financials (GL, AP, AR, CE, FA, MOAC and EB Tax) Training Manual
ASCP - Advanced Supply Chain Planning Training Manual

 INVENTORY - An ABC analysis determines the relative value of a group of inventory items based on a user 
 INVENTORY - Consigned Process in Oracle Inventory 
 INVENTORY - Master Item Process Details 
 INVENTORY - Min Max Planning 
 Inventory - Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction 
 Inventory - Resolving Period Close Pending Transactions 
 Inventory Overview Training in Oracle Application 
 Inventory Training Manual
Oracle Inventory Concepts
 Inventory, BOM and Advanced Pricing Presentation 
 PO - iProcurement 
 PO - iProcurement Setup and Process Training Manual 
 PO - Purchase Order Single Insert Script Process 
 PO - Purchase Order Types
 PO - Purchasing 
 PO - Purchasing 
 PO - Requisition, RFQ, Quotation, Quotation Analysis and PO Creation Process 
PO - Oracle iProcurement Setups and Process Flow Training Manual
PO - Oracle Purchase Requisition Training Documnet
Oracle Applications Purchasing Basics
Oracle Contingent Worker Creation and Process In Purchasing
 OM  - Credit Card Payments Setups and Process in Oracle R12 
 OM - Available to Promise (ATP)  
 OM - Back-To-Back Order Flow 
 OM - Oracle Sourcing Setups 
 OM - Order Management Documents  
 OM - Quote to Order 
 OM - Quote to Order Setups and Process Manual 
 OM - Service Contract Creation from Sales Order 
OM - Oracle Order Management Process Flows
Oracle Drop Ship Cycle Process
 OPM - Oracle Process Manufacturing Setups Training Manual 
 OPM - Process Manufacturing (OPM) Setup Document 
 OPM Setup 
 EAM – Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Training Manual 
 BOM - Bill of Materials (BOM) 
 ASCP Training Manual 
ASCP - Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Training Manual
AGIS - Oracle R12 Advanced Global Intercompany System
Sales Promotions in Oracle Applications - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy N Get % Off
Oracle Purchasing Basics
EAM – Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Training Manual
INV – Oracle Inventory Training Manual
Oracle R12.2 iProcurement Setups and Process Flow Training Manual

 HRMS - Absence Management
 HRMS - Absence Management Setup Steps 
 HRMS - Core HR Case Study
 HRMS - Daily HR Intelligence 
 HRMS - Define Absence Type and Absence Element 
 HRMS - EXAM 1Z0-548 - Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Human Capital Management Essentials 
 HRMS - How to Setup Absence Management and Leave Accrual Plan 
 HRMS - Oracle Core HRMS Setups and Process Training Manual 
 HRMS Payroll Training Manual 
 HRMS Documents 
 Payroll Presentation 
1Z0-329 - Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials
Oracle Core HRMS Setups Training Manual
Loading Data Using Batch Loader in Fusion Payroll Applications
Oracle HRMS - Overview of Enterprise Work Structures
Oracle Fusion HCM Activity Guides
Oracle Fusion HCM Documents
HRMS API - Oracle HRMS API Details
OTL - Oracle Time and Labor
Oracle R12 Benefits

 CRM - Field Service 
 CRM - Install Base Implementation 
 CRM – Oracle Deport Repair Setups and Process 
 CRM Process Flow 
 CRM Service Contracts Queries 

PA - Project Accounting 
 PA - Creating a Oracle Project Budget 
 PA - Contingent Worker Setup in Oracle Project Accounting 
 PA - Oracle Applications Project Billing Training Document 
 PA - Processing Accruals in Oracle PA and GL 
 PA - Project Accounting Presentation 
 PA Integration with Financial Modules 
OKE – Oracle Project Contracts Process Document
OKE – Oracle Project Contracts Training Manual
Oracle Project Accounting (PA) Integration with Other Modules
Oracle Project Accounting-Contracts Integration Overview
Oracle Projects (PA) Cost Collections

 Web ADI 
 ADI - Apps Customize a Web ADI Template Layout 
 ADI - Client ADI & Report Manager 
 ADI - Configure and Use Web ADI 
 ADI - Custom WEB ADI for AP Invoice Interface 
 ADI - Export data from Excel to Table using custom Web ADI Integrator 
 ADI - How to Create WEB ADI and Upload Data 
 ADI - Oracle Custom WEB ADI Creation for Supplier 
 ADI - Uploading a Journal using Web ADI 
 Web ADI 
 Web ADI Creation 
 Web ADI Training Guide 
 Web ADI Training Guide for R12 
 WebADI Setups and Backend Effected Tables 
How to Upload AP Invoices using Oracle WebADI Custom Integrator

  AME - Approval Management Engine 
 AME - Approvals Management Responsibilities and Setups in AME.B 
 AME - Oracle AP Invoice Approval Setups and Process Training Manual 
 AME - PO - Setup of Approval Hierarchies – Position 
 AME Setup - PO Requisitions 

OAF - Oracle Application Framework 
 OAF - 1-Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Training Guide - EO, AM, VO, Search Region 
 OAF - 2-Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Training Guide - Update, Delete Insert, Validation 
 OAF - 3-Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Training Guide - EO, VO, Page, Query Region, LOV, PPR 
 OAF - 4-Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Training Guide - Deploying, Extensions 
 OAF - Application Framework (OAF) Personalizations Training Manual 
 OAF - Application Framework (OAF) Training Manual 
OAF - Oracle Application Framework Training Manual
OAF - Oracle Application Framework Training Manual
 OAF - Application Module Extension in OAF 
 OAF - Calling Concurrent Program in OAF 
 OAF - Calling PL/SQL Function from OAF Page 
 OAF - Calling PL/SQL Procedure from OAF Page 
 OAF - Calling Workflow from OAF 
 OAF - Controller Extension in OAF 
 OAF - Creating Hello Word Page 
 OAF - Creating Search Page 
 OAF - Creating Search Page 
 OAF - Creating TRAIN Region in OAF 
 OAF - Deploy OAF pages into Server 
 OAF - Hello Word Page 
 OAF - How to Capture LOV Event In OAF 
 OAF - How to migrate personalization on OAF 
 OAF - iExpenses OAF Customization 
 OAF - Integration of  XML Publisher and OAF 
 OAF - MVC Architecture in OAF 
 OAF - OA Frame Work Page Structure 
 OAF - Oracle Application Framework Material 
 OAF - Partial Page Rendering in OAF Pages 
 OAF - Similarities between OAF and ADF 
 OAF - VO Row Iterator in Oaf 
 OAF Basics Training Document 
 OAF Page to Upload Files into Server from local Machine 
 OAF Personalizations 
OAF – Oracle Application Framework Training Manual
OAF - Oracle Application Framework Training Manual Document

 Technical - Reports 
 Discoverer 4i Plus 
 Discoverer Administration and Desktop 
 Discoverer Document 
 Discoverer Plus - Creating Custom Reports 

 Report Customization 

 XMLP - Creating Reports in Oracle E-Business Suite Using XML Publisher 
 XMLP - Font (MICR or BARCODE) Font Registration From Application 
 XMLP - XML Publisher 
 XMLP - XML Publisher Documents  
 XMLP - XML Publisher Training Document 
XML Publisher Data Template Development
XML Publisher Data Template Development

Oracle Technical Objects (Reports, XMLP, Discoverer, Forms, Workflows, Conversions, Unix) Usefull Links
Oracle Workflow Tutorial
Oracle Workflow Training Manual

 Technical - Forms 
 Form Customization 
 Form Personalization 
 FORMS - 10g Forms Development 
 FORMS - 10g Forms Development Training Manual 
 FORMS - How to get value from a Form Value bean in Controller 
 FORMS Customization and Personalizations  
 Forms Customizations 
 Forms Material 
 Forms Personalization 

 Technical - SQL and PL/SQL 
 SQL - Object Oriented Programming Basics 
 SQL - Stored Procedure Example 
 SQL - Triggers and Built-ins
 SQL and PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answers 
 SQL Basics 
 SQL Document 
 SQL Document 
 SQL Documents 
 SQL Faqs 
 SQL Queries and Answers 
 SQL Training Document 
 Pl Sql 
 PL/SQL Documents 
 PL/SQL Programming Coding Standards and Naming Conventions 
 PL/SQL Programs 
 PL-SQL - DBA and PL-SQL Interview Questions and Answers 
 PL-SQL Basics 
 PL-SQL Training Document 
 DBA – Important Apps Questions
1z0-144 - Oracle Database 11g Program with PLSQL
1z0-007 - Oracle PL-SQL
Oracle PL-Sql Basics
Conversions or Interfaces - Data Migration in Oracle E-Business Suite

 Technical - UNIX 
 UNIX Shell-Scripting Basics 
 UNIX Shell-Scripting Basics 
 UNIX-LINUX Training Material 

 AIM - CV010-Data-Conversion-Requirements-and-Strategy 
 AIM - Sample MD120 Document 
 AIM Methodology 

 Oracle Cloud (Fusion)
 CLOUD - Customizing Oracle Fusion Payments Templates using Oracle BIP 
 Cloud - General Ledger Setups in Fusion Application 
Oracle Fusion Procure to Pay (P2P) Life Cycle - Setups and Process Flow Training Manual
Oracle Fusion R13 ACH (Electronic - EFT) Payment Setups and Process Training Manual
Oracle Fusion R13 Check Print Format Setups and Process Training Manual

 Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST)
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - BOE Functional Flow
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - FA - Fixed Asset Integration
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - Integration Strategy
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - Internal Sales Order and Internal Organization Transfer Flow
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - O2C - Order to Cash Flow
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - O2C Tax Defaulting
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - OSP - Outside Processing Flow
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - P2P - Procure To Pay Flow
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - Support For Import Taxes To Recievables(AR) and Payables(AP)
Oracle Financials for India(OFI) - Goods and Service Tax(GST) - TDS - With Holding Configuration Flow

 EBS R12 Installation and Configuration 
 ERP Tech Reference 
 MOAC - Oracle Multi Organization Setups 
 GL Interface 
 11510_TO_R12 Upgrade 
 11i and R12 INV,PO,OM,HRMS,GL,AP,QOH,BOM,AR, EAM, PA, Assets Tables, Views, Interface Tables and APIs 
 11i and R12 Table Comparison in PO, INV, GL, AP, AR, OM and FA Modules document 

 How to build report on OBIEE 
Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Installation Document
Oracle Applications Interview Questions and Answers (FAQS)
Oracle Applications Technical and Functional Interview Questions and Answers
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
SC – Oracle Service Contract Scripts
Oracle Approval Management Engine

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