Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PO, Supplier and Invoice Query

SELECT a.org_id "ORG ID"
,e.vendor_name "VENDOR NAME"
,UPPER (e.vendor_type_lookup_code) "VENDOR TYPE"
,f.vendor_site_code "VENDOR SITE"
,f.address_line1 "ADDRESS"
, "CITY"
,TO_CHAR (TRUNC (d.creation_date)) "PO DATE"
,d.segment1 "PO NUMBER"
,d.type_lookup_code "PO TYPE"
,c.quantity_ordered "QTY ORDERED"
,c.quantity_cancelled "QTY CANCALLED"
,g.item_description "ITEM DESCRIPTION"
,g.unit_price "UNIT PRICE"
, (NVL (c.quantity_ordered, 0) - NVL (c.quantity_cancelled, 0))
* NVL (g.unit_price, 0) "PO Line Amount"
, (SELECT DECODE (ph.approved_flag, 'Y', 'Approved')
FROM po.po_headers_all ph
WHERE ph.po_header_id = d.po_header_id) "PO STATUS"
,a.invoice_type_lookup_code "INVOICE TYPE"
,a.invoice_amount "INVOICE AMOUNT"
,TO_CHAR (TRUNC (a.invoice_date)) "INVOICE DATE"
,a.invoice_num "INVOICE NUMBER"
, (SELECT DECODE (x.match_status_flag, 'A', 'Approved')
FROM ap.ap_invoice_distributions_all x
WHERE x.invoice_distribution_id = b.invoice_distribution_id)
"Invoice Approved?"
,i.check_number "CHEQUE NUMBER"
,TO_CHAR (TRUNC (i.check_date)) "PAYMENT DATE"
FROM ap.ap_invoices_all a
,ap.ap_invoice_distributions_all b
,po.po_distributions_all c
,po.po_headers_all d
,po.po_vendors e
,po.po_vendor_sites_all f
,po.po_lines_all g
,ap.ap_invoice_payments_all h
,ap.ap_checks_all i
WHERE a.invoice_id = b.invoice_id
AND b.po_distribution_id = c.po_distribution_id(+)
AND c.po_header_id = d.po_header_id(+)
AND e.vendor_id(+) = d.vendor_id
AND f.vendor_site_id(+) = d.vendor_site_id
AND d.po_header_id = g.po_header_id
AND c.po_line_id = g.po_line_id
AND a.invoice_id = h.invoice_id
AND h.check_id = i.check_id
AND f.vendor_site_id = i.vendor_site_id
AND c.po_header_id IS NOT NULL
AND a.payment_status_flag = 'Y'
AND d.type_lookup_code != 'BLANKET'

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