Sunday, March 6, 2016

To Link Multiple Purchase Orders to Contingent Worker in Oracle Project Accounting

If you plan to use the new Services Procurement feature, then you must use Function PO_CWK_ASSOCIATIONS for the new Contingent worker Association Page to create a task flow setup, then complete the following steps:
  1. Create an entry into Application Utilizes Lookups [Lookup Table] for the function in the HRMS responsibility.
    1. Type WF_FORMS
  2. Create a Task Flow Unit for the lookup just defined. Define the Global Parameters u want to go to the page, which will be passed page parameters.
    1. G_ASSIGNMENT_ID (mandatory)
  1. Create a task Flow node for the unit.
    1. Open Define Flow Task Flow Definition.
    2. Navigate to the Proper parent node
    3. Enter and Maintain screen and create a new Node [PO_CWK_ASSOCAITION].
    4. Query the existing node NASSIGN for assignment page and add new node [PO_CWK_ASSOCIATION] to the existing node [NASSIGN].

Here are the details to accomplish these steps.
Step 1 – locate the flow definition (this comes into play later and is needed to complete the step 3 above).
System Administrator – Security – Responsibility - Define

Here we see the responsibility is Human Resources, Vision Enterprises.
Take note of the Menu Name – US SHRMS Navigator
Still in system administrator – choose Application – Menu

Query the menu – as seen above.
Take note of the Submenu next to People – US SHRMS PEOPLE
- Click in the User Menu Name – and now query on US SHRMS PEOPLE

Take note of the function that is used – People – Enter and Maintain

Query this function – and then note the function short name and description.
Take note of these values - WORKFLOW_NAME="US SHRMS PERSON TASKFLOW"

Step 2 – move to the Human Resources, Vision Enterprises responsibility.
Move to Other Definitions/Lookup Tables

Create your entry into the lookup – as seen above.

Now, move to the Security/Task Flow Unit – and define the Unit as seen above and specified in step 2.

Next, the task flow node is created as above – under security/task flow nodes

Move to Security/Task Flow Definitions – and create a new task flow definition for the node just created as seen above.
- Save the record – do not exit this form.

Now, earlier in the process we had queried the responsibility/menu/ and function. Take the value that was in the function description.
In this case it was - US SHRMS PERSON TASKFLOW

Query this as seen above.  Move to the mid-section (i.e. Node) of the form – and click in name. Click New and add the new task flow name “PURCHASE ORDER INFORMATION” to it. Save it.

Again click on the Name and query on NASSIGN.

You can also just click on the mid-section – name – and hit the down arrow until you reach this.

Add the previous node as a navigation sequence and save.

Query the contingent worker – using the Human Resources responsibility – People / Enter and Maintain.
- Move to the assignments region
- Ensure that a supplier and site are entered (or it will not work)
- Choose Others – then the Purchase Order Information (now available in the list of options)

The form will now open and is available.

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