Saturday, December 10, 2016

Oracle Projects Test Details

Script: CrtProjinSlfSrv - Create a project using Self-Service application for 'Projects'
Responsibility: Projects SU, Vision Services (USA)

Task: Create a Project in Self Service
1.         Click Create Project.
2.         Select create Project from Template radio button.
3.         Name the template as ‘Cost Plus Template’.
4.         Click Continue.
5.         Enter:
Project Number: PJDemoSS
Project Name: PJDemoSS
Key Member Name: Marlin, Ms. Amy
Customer Name: Hilman and Associates
Project Start Date:01-Jan-2000
Project Completion Date: 31-dec-2010
Carrying out Organization: Vision Services R +D
Classification: Non-classified - Non-classified indirect or capital project
6. Click Apply.

1.         Create Project window should be displayed when click Create Project.
2.         Create Project: Details page will be displayed when click Continue.
3.         Project will get created and Project Home page will be displayed when click Apply.

Script: CrtProjinForms - Create a project in Forms
Responsibility: Projects, Vision Services (USA)

Task: Create a Project in Forms
1.         Navigate to Projects
2.         Enter: the following
Project name: T, Cost Plus
3.         Click Find.
4.         Click Copy To.
5.         Enter:
Project Name: PJDemo
Project Number: PJDemo
Project Manager: Marlin, Ms. Amy
Project Start Date: 01-Jan-2000
Project Completion Date: 31-Dec-2010
Customer: Hilman and Associates
Organization: Vision Services R+D
Classification: Non-Classified
6.         Click OK.
7.         Click Open.
8.         Click Change Status.
9.         Select Approved status from the list.
10.       Close all Forms.

1.         Find Projects Window will be displayed when navigate to Projects
2.         Projects, Templates window should be displayed when click Find button.
3.         Quick Entry window will be displayed when click Copy To button.
4.         Another row with project number will be displayed in the Projects, Template window when click OK button.
5.         Project Window should be opened when click Open button.

6.         List of values with Statuses will be displayed when click Change Status button.

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