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Oracle Payables Test Details

Script: CreatInvoice - Create a new Invoice
Task: Create a new invoice
1.         Navigate: Invoices/Entry/Invoices.
2.         Enter:
Operating Unit= Vision Operations Type: Standard
Supplier: GE Capital
Invoice date: Current
Invoice Number (your initial-01) Invoice Currency: USD
Invoice Amount: 10850
Terms: Immediate
Payment Method= Check
3.         Click on Lines tab. Type-Item Amount=10,000.00
GL Date= Same as Invoice Date
4.         Press the Distribution button.
5.         Enter Line 1: Line Number: 1 Line Type: Item Amount: $5,000.00

Account: 01-580-7740-0000-000
GL Date: Same as Invoice Date

1.         Invoices form is displayed when Navigate: Invoices/Entry/Invoices.
2.         Supplier Number defaults in when Supplier: GE Capital
Amount Paid: 0.00
Invoice Status: Never Validated
Accounted: Unprocessed
3.         The Distribution form is displayed when the Distribution button is pressed. Invoice Total: 10,000.00
Distribution Total: 0.00 (in red)
4.         Distribution Total: $5,000.00 (in red) when Enter Line 1.

Task: Duplicate Field from Above
1.         Enter Line 2: Line Number: 2 Line Type: Item Amount: $5,000.00

Tab to the Account field and Select Edit/Duplicate/Field Above.
2.         Click the Save icon.
3.         Close the Distribution form by clicking on the upper right corner “x”.
4.         Click on General tab.

1.         Account number is copied into the account field. Account Description field is populated. Distribution Total: 10,000.00
2.         Message appears on status line of the toolbar when press the save icon: FRM-40400: Transaction complete: 3 records applied and saved.
3.         Focus is back on Invoices form when close the Distribution form: Amount paid: 0.00
Status: Never Validated
Accounted: No

Task: Approve an Invoice Online
1.         Click the Action button.
2.         Select the ‘Validate’ checkbox.
3. Click OK button.

1.         The Actions window is displayed when press the Action Button.
2.         Action window is closed. Focus is back on Invoices: Invoice Status: Validated
Holds: 0
Accounted: No
System saves the transaction.

Task: Add a record
1.         Select File/New.
2.         Select Edit/Duplicate/Record Above.
3.         Change the Invoice number to (Your initial-02).
4.         Save the record.

1.         Current record indicator is moved to the next record when select File/New.
2.         Record is copied when Select Edit/Duplicate/Record Above.
3.         Message appears on status line of the toolbar when save the record: FRM-40400: Transaction complete: 1 records applied and saved. Status: Never Validated
Accounted: No

Task: Delete a record
1.         Select Invoice number (Your initial-02).
2.         Click the “x” icon on the toolbar.
3.         Click OK.
4.         Save the transaction.

1. Get Message: "Delete 1 Record?" when click the “x” icon.

Task: Find Invoices
1.         Query Record at Transaction Level by View/Query By example/Enter.
2.         Enter Invoice number (your initial-02).
3.         Run the query from View/Query By example/Run.
4.         Select File/Close Form.

1.         Get message: "FRM-40301: Query caused no records to be retrieved. Re-enter." when Run the query from View/Query By example/Run.
2.         All forms are closed and focus is back on the navigator when Select File/Close Form.

Script: Quickpayment - Create a Quick Payment
Responsibility: Payables, Vision Operations (USA)

Task: Create a Quick Payment
1.         Navigate: Payments/Entry/Payments.
2.         Enter the following: Type: Quick

Operating Unit= Vision Operations
Trading Partner: Advanced Network Devices Supplier Sitess window will open select Supplier Site: BOSTON
Payment Date: current date
Bank Account: BofA-204 Payment Currency=USD (default) Payment Method=Check

Payment Document=Check 204(select the record with Payment Process Profile=Check-
Payment Document window opens Select Payment doc Check 204 for which the
Payment Process Profile=Check-USD
Remit-to Account=XXXXXXXXXX5-34
3.         Press the Enter/Adjust Invoices button.
4.         Invoice Number: List of Values
Select the invoice from previous step (your initial –01)
5.         Save the transaction.
6.         Close the Select Invoices window by clicking on the upper right corner ‘x”.
7.         Press the Actions...1 button.
8.         Select the Print Remittance Advice check box.
9.         Click OK.
10.       Click OK.
11.       Close the Payments form.

1.         The Payments form is displayed when Navigate: Payments/Entry/Payments.
2.         Supplier Num is populated when enter information. Document Num is populated.
Accounted: No
3.         Select Invoices form is displayed when press the Enter/Adjust Invoices button.
4.         The Total field is populated when select the invoice from previous step (your initial –01) Payment Amount: 10,850 at the line level.
5.         Message appears on status line of the toolbar when Save the transaction: FRM-40400: Transaction complete: 2 records applied and saved.
The Payment Amount field in the upper right is populated.
6.         Focus is back on Payments form when close the Select Invoices window
7.         Payment Actions window is displayed when Press the Actions...1 button. Note: APP-SQLAP-10058: The request number is:

You can check the status of the request in the Requests window
Action window is closed and focus is back on the Payments form when click OK to message.
8. Focus is back on navigator when close the Payments form.

Script: ExpensReport - Create and query Expense Report
Responsibility: Payables, Vision Operations (USA)

Task: Create an Expense Report
1. Navigate: Invoices/Entry/Expense Reports
2.         Enter the following information: Operating Unit= Vision Operations Employee Name: Abbott, Ms. Rachel (Rachel) Select Send To flag:Home
Employee GL Account:01-110-7640-0000-000 Expense Number: unique number
Derived from the time-stamp Date: Current Date Employee Total::"10,000.99" Item: Airfare

Details Amount: 5000.55
Details GL Account: 01-110-7640-0000-000
3.         Click on ‘File/New’. Item: Hotel

Details Amount: 5000.44
Details GL Account: 01-120-7640-0000-000
4.         Click on 'Save' icon
5.         Click ‘File/Close Form’.

1.         Account description is defaulted when enter information.
2.         Record gets saved when click on 'Save' icon. Status bar message is displayed:
“FRM-40400: Transaction complete: 3 records applied and saved’
3.         Expense Reports window is closed when click File/Close Form.

Task: Query Expense Reports
1.         Navigate: Invoices/Entry/Expense Reports
2.         Click on ‘View/Query By Example/Enter’.
3.         Enter the Invoice Number:
4.         Enter the Expense Report unique number that was entered in the previous step.
5.         Click on ‘View/Query By Example/Run’
6.         Verify the Expense Report number that is retrieved.
7.         Close all forms by selecting File/Close Form
8.         Close all browsers.

1. Verify Expense report.
Supplier Name, document number and check amount is correctly formatted.
2.         Focus is back to the Navigator when close all forms .

3.         All browsers get closed Exiting Oracle Applications when Close all browsers.

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