Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oracle Marketing Products Test Details

Responsibility: Oracle Marketing Super User.

Task: Setup Profile Options for Budget and concept approval.
1.  Navigate: Marketing Online/Administration.
2.  Click on Administration Link.
3, Click on Marketing link.
4.  Click on Initiatives Templates.
5.  Click on Campaign Templates.
6.  Click on Campaigns.
7.  Uncheck Available Attributes: Concept Approval, Budget Approval under Associated Components.
8.  Click Update.

1.  Marketing Online Window should be displayed when click on Administration Link.
2.  Campaign Templates page should appear when click on Marketing link.
3.  Campaign Template Details page should appear when click on Campaigns.
4.  Confirmation page with display message “Your changes have been applied” should appear when click on Update.

Login: mgrmkt/welcome
Responsibility: Marketing User

Task: Create Campaign
1.  Click on Campaign Dashboard under Campaign Dashboard.
2.  Click on Campaigns under Shortcuts Bin.
3.  Click on Create Campaigns.
4.  Create Method: New (radio button).
5.  Select Type: Campaign.
6.  Template: Campaigns.
7.  Enter the following information:
Name: any unique name (e.g. web Campaign)
Source Code: Any Value
Start Date: Today’s date
End Date: Any Future Date
Description: Any Value
8.  Click Apply (B)
9.  Click “Click Activate”.

1.  Campaigns Workbench page should appear when click on Campaign Dashboard
2.  Campaigns page should appear when click on Campaigns
3.  Create Campaign page opens when click on Create Campaigns
All the data should be filled up when create Method and select type and template
4.  Opens Update Campaign page with confirmation message of the item being created when click Apply.

Page refreshes with the Status being updated to Active when click “Click Activate”.

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