Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oracle Payments Overview

Once invoices are validated, they can be paid.  Payables provides the information that you need to make effective payment decisions, stay in control of payments to suppliers and employees, and keep your accounting records up-to-date so that you always know your cash position.  Payables integrates with Oracle Payments, the E-Business Suite payment engine, to handle every form of payment, including checks, manual payments, wire transfers, EDI payments, bank drafts, and electronic funds transfers.  Payables also integrates with Oracle Cash Management to support automatic or manual reconciliation of your payments with bank statements sent by the bank. Through Payables, you can:
*   Ensure duplicate invoice payments never occur.
*   Pay only invoices that are due, and automatically take the maximum discount available.
*   Select invoices for payment using a wide variety of criteria.
*   Record stop payments.
*   Record void payments.
*   Review information on the status of every payment online.
Process positive pay.

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