Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oracle Invoices Overview

Once you’ve received goods or service from your supplier, you’ll also receive an invoice.  Using Payables you can record invoices in a number of different ways.
With Payables you can:
*         Import/Enter invoices manually, either individually or in batches.
*         Use Quick Invoices for rapid, high-volume entry of standard invoices and credit memos that  are not complex and do not require extensive online validation.
*         Automate invoice creation for periodic invoices using the Recurring Invoice functionality.
*         Use iExpenses to enter employee expense reports using a web browser.
*         Record credit card/procurement card invoices from transactions the credit card issuer sends to you in a flat file.
*         Import EDI invoices processed with the e-Commerce Gateway.
*         Import lease invoices transferred from Property Manager.
*         Import XML invoices.
*         Match invoices to purchase orders or receipts.

Invoice Types
An invoice from a supplier representing an amount due for goods or services purchased. Standard invoices can be either matched to a purchase order or not matched.

Credit Memo
A memo from a supplier representing a credit amount toward goods or services.

Debit Memo
An invoice you enter to record a credit for a supplier who does not send you a credit memo.

An invoice type you enter for matching to both purchase orders and invoices. You can enter either a positive or a negative amount for a Mixed invoice type.

A type of invoice you enter to pay an advance payment for expenses to a supplier or employee.

Expense Report
An invoice representing an amount due to an employee for business-related expenses.

Withholding Tax
An invoice you enter to remit taxes withheld to the appropriate tax authority.

If you allow interest invoices, payables will automatically calculate interest for overdue invoices and create interest invoices for selected suppliers.

Retainage Release
Invoices created for complex work and advance contract financing.

Transportation Invoices
Invoices from freight payment.

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