Friday, April 7, 2017

Steps On How To Enable Debug For BI Publisher Desktop When Developing Templates

To enable debugging for a BI Publisher desktop environment test the following steps:
1. Create a directory on your C: drive called xdo_top

2. Create a sub-directory called temp: C:\xdo_top\temp
    Create a sub-directory called resource:

3. Create a xdodebug.cfg file in the resource directory with the following 2 lines:

4. Optionally copy an existing version xdo.cfg file if you need it for barcodes, micr fonts, etc.
       Note: You can find this in one of the oracle bi publisher template builder directory's.

5. In MS Word go to the Add-ins menu for BIP via the following steps:
Click on -> Options->Options->Preview tab
Add the following:
Java Home: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_111
Java Option: -Xmx256M -DXDO_TOP=C:\\xdo_top

Note: the Java Home is the path where you have installed the java and Java Option should contain the xdo_top right location in case you setup the xdo_top to a different drive.

6. When you start BI Publisher Desktop and preview a template from MS Word, the following should happen:

xdo.log should be created under c:\xdo_top\temp.
The log file should contain rich debugging information to help you with your troubleshooting.

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