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How to Setup Remittance Advice Email Notification for Suppliers

In R12, remittance workflow (APPEWF) is obsolete, instead remittance is sent by Payments program "Send Separate Remittance Advices". The intended functionality for sending Remittance Notification to suppliers in R12 is the 'Separate Remittance Advice' feature, which involves documents which are formatted in the Payments module and which are then printed and/or distributed via XML Publisher. XML publisher has a built in ability to send the remittance advice via email depending on how your payment processing profile is setup.
Disable the below Business Event:
The following will prevent the old style E-Mails being sent:

1. Login into Oracle Applications.
2. Go to Responsibility: Workflow Administrator Web Applications.
Navigate: Administrator Workflow -> Business Events.
4. In search criteria enter 'oracle.apps.ap.payment' and hit the 'Go' button.
5. Click the 'Subscriptions' icon for the Payment Event.
6. Click the 'Edit' icon for AP_PAYMENT_EVENT_WF_PKG.RULE_FUNCTION.
7. Change the status from "Enabled" to "Disabled" in Execution Condition Region.
8. Click Apply.

1. Create the xdodelivery.cfg file
based on e-mail, print and fax which ever we want. (for YEU, we need automatic email).
2. You have to configure the XML Publisher Separate Remittance Advice (SRA) Delivery. This is the new Process in R12.

The key to which is setting up the xdodelivery.cfg file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<config xmlns="">
            <server name="mysmtp1" type="smtp_email" default="true">
            <property name="ds-temp-dir">/tmp</property>
            <property name="ds-buffering">true</property>
            <property name="SMTP_CONTENT_TYPE:String">" ;application/pdf"</property>

If the requirement is Email, find the correct SMTP host name and save the xdodelivery.cfg into the $XDO_TOP/resource directory.
$XDO_TOP/resource directory will need to be created in case it does not exist already.

4. Navigate to System Administrator and query Profile Option 'IBY: XML Publisher Delivery Manager Configuration File'.

5. Ensure the filename xdodelivery.cfg is in lowercase and includes the full path and file name in the Profile Setting.
a. Ensure the filename xdodelivery.cfg is in lowercase
b. Use ABSOLUTE path while specifying the location of xdodelivery.cfg file (Do not use environment variables or relative paths)
c. File should be located in the application server and not in the form server

6. Configure Profile Options:
Should Specify the E-mail From Address

Should Specify the E-Mail host.

7. Additional Settings:
a. Login to Oracle Applications and use Responsibility = Application Developer.
    Navigate to Application -> Messages
b. Query message 'IBY_FD_SRA%'
Two messages are returned:
Seeded message is:
Seeded message is: Separate Remittance Advice: payment reference number - &PMT_REF_NUM
c. Modify those messages to meet your requirement.

8. You may configure the Separate Remittance Advice Delivery Method at Supplier, Supplier Site. You also specify the E-mail address for the supplier if you want to e-mail the Remittance Advice.
a. You need to set which SRA format is used when you configure your Payment Process Profile (PPP).
Navigation: Payable Manager > Set Up > Payment -> Payment Administrator
It opens a Payment Configure Web page.
Go to page end and there is column Payment Process Profile --> Click on task which right hand side, then select your profile and click on Go.

Next Click on the name of the process, and there you can see multiple tabs. Go to Reporting Tab.
At the bottom, click on Update button.

Here you can see the ‘Send Separate Remittance Advice’ block.

Format - Specify the Remittance Advice Format you wish to use for this PPP

b. Automatically Submit at Payment Completion Point - Check the box for Automatic Submission. If not checked,
you have to fire off a concurrent request which is "Send Separate Remittance Advice".

c. Allow Multiple Copies for Payment Instruction - Check the box if you want the user to be able to print more than once.

All Payments or Number of Documents or Payment Detail Length - You may Choose to Create a Remittance Advice Under Certain Conditions Only.

Delivery Method
E-mail or Fax or Printed - The default value for the PPP how the Remittance Advice is delivered.
Override Payee Delivery Method Preference - Check the box if the PPP Delivery Method takes precedence over the Delivery Method configured for the Supplier Site

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