Sunday, October 16, 2016

Creating a User and Assigning the Roles to User in Oracle Fusion (Cloud)

Navigation Instructions and Business Forms
1.1.1      Login to the application using the correct user name and password and click Sign In:

1.1.1     Click on Navigate Icon and click Manage Users:

Nav : Navigator àMy Team àManage Users

1.      Click on  :

2.      Filled the Required Data, Click on Auto provision Roles.

3.      Save & Close.

4.      Go To Navigator > Setup & Maintenance

5.      In the Task Name Search for “Provision Roles to Implementation Users” > Search > Select Provision Roles to Implementation Users “it will open a new window don’t close it”

6.      Select Administration (upper right hand) > Search For your Last Name > Select Your User > Select on Roles.

7.      Click on Assign > Search for The roles Name that you need to assign > Click Add.

8.       Check this MSG if it appears it means assigning the role is successfully “The selected roles have been assigned successfully to the user.”

9.       You can reset your password by Click on Reset Password > to reset your password.

10.   Now Sign Out & Close The Window and navigate ‘Setup and Maintenance’ and go to Manage Implementation Projects’

Navigate to workforce deployment, then ‘Define common applications configuration for
human capital Management’

11.   Go to Task > Submit the Process “this is for synchronizing the roles with the users”

12.  Check if it Finished by going to Navigator > Schedule Processes > Search for the process and then wait until the status of it changed into succeeded , now you are done by Logging out and Sign in again with the user that you created.

13.  Search for ‘Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes’ in name and confirm the status ‘Succeeded’

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Unknown said...

Hi raju...I want to install fusion apps in my laptop how can I?
My laptop configuration is i5 processor 500 gb hard disk and 8 gb ddr3 ram

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