Friday, September 23, 2016

Oracle General Ledgers - How to Delete an Unposted Journal

A journal batch can not be deleted or modified under the following circumstances:
               a. The source is frozen
               b. Funds have been reserved for the batch
               c. The batch is in the process of being posted
               d. The batch is approved
               e. The batch is in the process of being approved

If your batch status is not matching any of the above cases then please try the following to fix this problem:
To Modify a journal batch that is frozen, follow this procedure:
    a). (N) Setup > Journal > Sources
    b). Query the Journal Source
    c). Uncheck the Freeze Journals box and save the changes before exiting the form.
    d). The batch or journal will now be able to be modified or deleted
    e). After deleting/modifying the batch, navigate back to the Journal Sources form and  re-freeze the Source. Please note that once the journal is deleted/modified it cannot be recreated and in most circumstances means you will not be able to reconcile your subledger.

To Delete batches that are found in Journals Enter form
    a). The Navigation Path is: Journals > Enter
    b). Provide search criterion in the Find Journal form
    c). Select the unposted batch that has to be deleted
    d). Click the Delete Icon from the tool bar. Select the Batch option to delete whole batch

Note that the above process works only for the transactions which have not come from the subledgers or where transactions have not been checked for funds in the subledgers. The transactions from the subledger are funds checked and passed by subledgers directly and hence the funds check status can not be changed in General Ledger.  Where transactions have passed funds check in the subledger the above process will not work. In such a case please log an SR with Oracle Support to review any potential alternatives.

Note: You could also consider reversing the journal from subledger if funds have been reserved, especially for Release 12 of the applications, in order to avoid mismatch between SLA and GL.

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