Friday, June 3, 2016

Oracle Value Sets

We will use the none value set to maintain some format conditions like maximum size minimum value, maximum value, only numbers and characters and so on…………

                Navigation:  System Administrator

  We will enter the value set name and we will select the validation type as None. We will mentions format type either character or number or date and time. Once we create the value set we will attach to the multiple parameters in multiple programs. Once we attached value set to the concurrent program we can not delete. If we want to delete we need to release the value set from concurrent programs.

Independent: Before going to create independent value set we should have the list of values, which we are going to show in SRS window.

                Navigation:  System Administrator
Here we will create the independent value set with validation type as independent. We will go to values screen select the value set find button and we will enter the values. Once we attached the value we cannot delete instead of that we will disable by Un checking enabled check box.

Dependent :      Before going to create dependent value set we should create independent value set then later we will create dependent value set.

            First parameter will be independent value set.
            Second parameter will be dependent value set.                                                        

When ever user select first parameter based on that value second parameter will be going to show the values. The navigation steps are given below. First we will create the independent value set next dependent from following navigation.

Navigation:  System Administrator

We will enter the values for independent while creating dependent we will select edit information button and we will give the independent value set name We will take the dependent value set we will enter the values in value screen by selecting independent values. For all independent value set we will enter the list of values.
Table :-    By using table value set we can get the list of values from the database table. Navigation to create table value set as follows

Navigation:  System Administrator
If we will give the value set name and select validation type as table and click the edit information button give the table name in the table name field and mention the column name in the value field.

Meaning field: -   If we want to display the extra column like description we will mention the column name inside of this meaning field.

ID field: -    If we want to display one column and pass another column as a parameter internally we will use this ID column.

Where or Order by: -   In this text box we can write all the valid where clauses and order by clauses.

Additional Columns: - In this field we can give the column names, which we wanted to display additionally for reference purpose. We need to give the alias name for every column.

Table application :-   Here we mention the name of the application where table has been registered. We will take the table name then select application developer responsibility.

Navigation:  Application Developer
                                                                            Table (press F1)

Give the table name to query the data.

Allow Parent Values :-   If we check this checkbox it will accept both parent and chaild values as LOV.

Implementing Dependency in Table Value set:-
            Using the :$FLEX$ we will be receiving the previous parameter value set value.

Syntax:- :$FLEX$. previous parameter value set

We will create first table value set by using following select query.

            Select vendor_id from po_vendors;

We will create one more table value set which is going to depend on the previous parameter value.
            Select vendor_site_id from po_vendor_site_all where vendor_id = :$FLEX$.previous parameter value set

            Displaying the Input Parameters :-
            We can display the user parameter values in the output by using any one of the following way.

1.      Select the field and change the source property as bind variable.
2.      Select the boilerplate text given the variable name including ‘&’ operator.

Translated Independent & Translated Dependent :-       
                        These 2 value sets will be created like Independent and Dependent value sets. It will be show in the Translation values as LOV to the end user. While entering the values we will have a column called translated value here we can find out the translation language.

Special & Pair :-     These 2 value sets will be used to display flex field data as LOV to the end user.
            We will select the Value Set Screen and select Edit Information button and enter the Key Flex Field code appl_short_name =””, Structure Number whether it is a Mandatory or Optional and Segment Values and Description and etc…..

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