Sunday, March 20, 2016

AR - How do I create PDF invoices?

1.    Navigate to the Print Documents menu

  1. Choose ‘Invoice Print (Selected)’
  1. In the ‘Parameters’ window type in the transaction number to print in the ‘Transaction Number Low’ field

  2. Hit the ‘TAB’ key

  3. Click ‘OK’

Note: If you are printing a credit memo that was created using the ‘Credit Transactions’ window, click into the ‘Open Invoices Only’ field and change to ‘No’

  1. Click ‘Submit’

  2. A ‘Decision’ dialogue box appears on the screen

  3. Choose ‘No’

  4. Go to ‘View’ on the menu bar

  5. Choose ‘Requests’

  1. Click ‘Find’

  2. Click the relevant request

  3. Click ‘View Output’

  4. Once the invoice opens up, choose ‘File’ > ‘Print’  

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