Sunday, March 20, 2016

AR - How do I create a credit memo using free text?

  1. Navigate to the Transactions window

  2. The ‘Source’ is defaulted in based on your username

  3. Select ‘Credit Memo’ from the list in the ‘Class’ field

  4. Select the suitable transaction type from the LOV – ensure it has an * in the name and it is the correct one for your area

  5. Type in the customer name or number in the ‘Bill To’ section
  6. Click on the ‘More’ tab and type in the purchase order number

  7. Click into the ‘Special instructions’ field and choose a pre-defined instruction or type in your own

  8. Click on the ‘Reference Information’ tab and select the suitable reason in the ‘Reason’ field

  9. Click the ‘Line items’ button

  1. Type in the description in the ‘Description’ field

  2. In the ‘Quantity’ field, type in the quantity to credit – preceded by a negative (-)

  3. In the ‘Unit Price’ field, type in the price of the goods/service to be credited

  4. In the ‘Tax Code’ field, select the suitable tax code

  5. Click the ‘Distribution’ button

  6. Choose the correct Activity and IE codes from the LOV

WARNING: Remember to use the same GL codes and IE codes as originally applied on the account

  1. Click OK

  2. Close the Distributions window

  3. Close the Lines screen

  4. Make a note of the credit memo number

  5. Inform your authoriser of the number and make sure they authorise (complete) it

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