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Oracle Absence Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. Can I capture planned absences using this Integration?
The recommended approach is to use core HR/SSHR to capture planned absences and use OTL Timecard to capture unplanned or adhoc absences only.

  1. What all Absence Statuses are pre populated on the time card.
Absence with status ‘Approved' and 'Pending for Approval' are pre-populated in time card.

  1. If Common Application Calendar is integrated with HR Absence will I get absence period pre-populated as per the duration derived from common application calendar?
Yes, absences are pre-populated as per the schedules and exceptions defined in the Common application Calendar.

  1. If I have an absence record in Leave of Absence in ‘Save for Later’ status will that absence be pre-populate on the time card.
No. Absences are populated from the PER_ABSENCE table. ‘Save for Later’ absence are not stored in PER_ABSENCE table, hence those records will not be populated.

  1. Can I create / edit absence details from both HR absences and Time Card.
Yes, you can create/edit absence from both HR absences and time card, however once time card is created then creation and updations of absences are not allowed from HR absence for that time card period. This is to ensure data integrity. But fields like Absence Reasons, Absence DFF and attachments can be added or edited even if time card for that period exists.

  1. Do I need to setup separate absence related rules for time card integration?
No, you do not require setting separate rules for this integration. All rules applicable for HR Absence are validated from time card also.

  1. I want to setup some absences types as view only and some for editing in time card. Will I be able to do that?
Yes, you can mark each absence type for either viewing or editing in ‘Configure Absence Type’ page.

8.      I want to view all absences and their status for a time card period in my time card. Can I have a consolidated view of my absence records?
Yes, you can have a consolidated view of you absence for a given time card period. To
view this details enable OTL preference “Display Absence Status Region on Timecard” to Yes.

9.      I want to restrict editing of absence which was imported from HR absences. I want users to edit only that absence which were created from Time card. Will I be able to do this?
Yes, you can restrict edits on imported absences. Set OTL Preference segment “Allow Edit on Imported Absences Entries” to restrict user from editing the imported absences.

10.  Can I delete an absence in time card which is created from HR Absences?
Yes, you can delete the absence which is created from HR absence. Ensure that preference “Allow Edit on Imported Absences Entries” is set accordingly.

11.  I have deleted an approved absence before entering timecard and it is pending for approval. What will be impact on my time card for that period?
If you open a timecard for time entry for that period, OTL Application will show up an error message “Delete notification exists on absence entries for the chosen timecard period. Please clear off those transactions and then make time entries”.

You need to clear off such delete notifications through Self Service and complete time entry via Timecard

12.  I have submitted absence from Self Service and it is pending for approval. For the same period I have created a time card. My absence is populated in time card. I have submitted the time card for approval. Through my time card my time worked and absence got approved. What will happen to the pending transaction which is generated from Self Service?
On submission of time card, Oracle Time and Labor system clears the pending transactions.

13.  I have entered 4 continuous days as absence in my time card and submitted. Will there be one entry with duration as 4 in my HR absence or will it be 4 entries?

There will be single entry with duration as 4 in HR absences.

14.  I have submitted my time card with entries for hours worked and absence. My time card is rejected. In this case will there be any entries in my HR absences.
No, when time card is rejected, then all the entries in the time card are rejected including Absences.

15.  I have approved absence from Self Service. I have created a time card for that period. My absences are populated in time card. Subsequently, I have deleted my time card. Will my populated absence will also get deleted.
No. If populated absences are not edited in time card then those absences will not be deleted.

16.  Does this integration enabled for OTLR Payroll Layout.
This integration is enabled for Payroll recipient application without OTLR functionality enabled.

17.  Does this integration applicable to Timekeeper entries.
Yes, HR absence will be populated in the time keeper entry form also.

18.  Can I view the absence entries from the timekeeper form?
Yes. Use ‘Absence Entries’ button in the timekeeper form to view the absence entries. This button will be available only if this integration is enabled.

19.  Is absence integration supported with time store deposit API.
When the user tries to create a timecard using API in order to prepopulate/import absence from HR module user has to invoke one of the below overloaded procedures based on the requirement before calling ‘HXC_TIMESTORE_DEPOSIT.EXECUTE_DEPOSIT_PROCESS’ procedure

p_per son_i d

p_st ar t _dat e

p_end_dat e

p_bl ocks

hxc_sel f _ser vi
ce_t i me_deposi t . t i mecar d_i nf o,

p_app_at t r i but es

hxc_sel f _ser vi ce_t i me_deposi t . app_at t r i but es_i nf o) ;


p_bl ocks

hxc_sel f _ser vi ce_t i me_deposi t . t i mecar d_i nf o,

p_app_at t r i but es

hxc_sel f _ser vi ce_t i me_deposi t . app_at t r i but es_i nf o) ;

20.  Since Absence Integration now allows importing Day and Hour based absence types into OTL, Is it possible to use elements with ’Days’ as input value to capture Time worked?
Support for ‘Days’ as an element input value is provided to facilitate the capture Day based absences. Using ‘Days’ as input values is not supported for time worked related elements.

21.  Is it possible to link more than one Absence type to Payroll elements?
While setting up Absence Attendance Types, make sure each unique payroll element is mapped only to one Absence Attendance Type. There has to be a 1-1 relation between a payroll element and absence attendance type.

22.  Are absence related data retrieved by Transfer Time from OTL to BEE process?
If an element is configured in the 'Configure Absence Types' self-service screen, this element is always skipped by Transfer time from OTL to BEE irrespective of whether absence integration is enabled or not.

23.  When the preference ‘Action for Absences Pending Confirmation’ is set to Error and there is an absence pending approval, worker is not allowed to enter the timecard. Is it possible for the worker to delete the notification pending approval by the manager?
The profile ‘HR:Enable Initiator to Delete a Pending-Approval Transaction’ can be set to Yes allowing the initiator or worker to cancel any pending notifications and subsequently enter the same absence in Timecard along with Time worked.

24.  How to configure the Alternate names consisting of Absence Types for Timekeeper?
If Timekeeper mode of entry is availed, please ensure that the Preference Node ‘Timekeeper Layout Attributes’ has the appropriate settings. For this, navigate to the aforementioned preference node, and update the Payroll Elements Alternate Name to the new Alternate Name Definition you used in the Configure Absences Type page. In the event where you need to append to the existing Timekeeper Payroll Elements Alternate Name, you should use the 'Append to an existing Alternate Name' functionality in the Configure Absences Type page.

25.  The Absence Entries window displayed on Timekeeper, is this preference evaluated at Timekeeper level or at individual worker level?
The 'Show Absences Screen' Option in Timekeeper is shown as per the Preference setting for the TIMEKEEPER. The value of the preference 'Display Absence Status on Timecard' defined at Timekeeper level is considered. For the rest of the Absence Integration Preference segment Setup, employee (worker) preference setting is evaluated.

26.  Are absences pre-populated even when using the Import/Export Functionality?
With this integration, When the user tries to create a timecard by uploading the CSV file absence data will be pre-populated/imported to time entry page in addition to the information in CSV file.

27.  Can absence types which are linked to elements defined as Recurring be captured in OTL?
OTL only allows capture of Absences linked to payroll elements which are defined as Non Recurring.

28.  Can a Time entry rule be written to validate absence data?
Time entry rules can be written to perform custom validations; however Time entry rules that work on PTO balances do not ignore pre populated absences.

29.  When does the Actual Absence API get called, does it get called as part of Timecard submission or Absence retrieval?
The absence API validation happens only during the actual online retrieval. During timecard submission, the application only goes thru validations for PTO, Overlap, balances etc. So any fast formula or hook code will not be considered during timecard submission.

30.  There is an existing custom integration of Absences and Timecard, does switching over to this new functionality cause any issues?
There could be differences in the custom implementations of Absences and Timecard Integration and this seeded integration. Customers need to carefully evaluate this functionality provided, evaluate and then switch over to the new functionality For example, if the profile

and preference are set to enable the integration, and the customer tries to edit the absence for which there is already a timecard present, there is a problem.

31.  In my Recent Time Page can I see the working time and absences separately?

Yes. In the Recent Timecards page Recorded Hours and Absence durations are displayed separately. This is enabled via personalization. 

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