Monday, January 30, 2012

Creating Responsibility in R12

Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Security:Responsibility:Define                      

Oracle Comes with Seeded Responsibilities
You select these seeded responsibilities and modify and create your own

Exercise 1: Selecting a Seeded Responsibility and Defining your own
Open the Responsibilities Form
Press F11 Note all the fields become Blue
 and then Press Ctrl+F11
It will bring up all the Responsibilities in the system

Now Let us Narrow down our selection
Press F11
In the responsibility name field   Put %Purchasing % and
Press Ctrl + F11

Now we choose Deloitte Purchasing Super User Responsibility to create our own

Steps :
After you have selected the Responsibility to replicate and create your own click the Plus sign or Do a Ctrl+Down Arrow with your cursor on the Responsibility form
>In the responsibility name field type in CluboraPurchasing Superuser
>Place the Cursor in the next field and Press Ctrl+F5Key Automatically Purchasing appears in the Application Field
>Enter Unique Responsibility Key
>Repeat the process for the remaining fields and they populate from the Deloitte Responsibility which you queried first.
>Save your work

Note You only typed a Unique Responsibility Key all the rest pulled up automatically from the Responsibility you queried and replicated.

Assigning the Responsibility Created toUSER
1.      Query the User (Security>User>Define)
Put %USER NAME% in User Name Field
Click CTRL+F11

Place Cursor Below Purchasing Buyer
Put %ClubOra% and Press Tab
The Responsibility you created appears.
 Save your work.
When USER NAME Logs in he will see two responsibilities now

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