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Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Useful Links from Different Websites

Important OA Framework API - JDR_UTILS
SPEL in OA Framework - With Audio Visual Demo
OA Framework Screen Extension by Embedding a Custom Page
PLSQL Entity based OA Framework - OAPlsqlEntityImpl
Is extension of Controllers in OA Framework Safe? [Some Pointers]
Create LOV based field using Personalization in OA Framework
OA Framework Extensions - A Presentation
A Brief History of OA Framework - Presentation
Extend OA Framework in R12
User Level Personalization- For individual user
User Level Personalizations by Admin- Shared Folders
Enable Personalizations -Why is it important to use Functional Administrator to set Profile Options
Hide or change Copyright and Privacy Statement in OA Framework
Embed HTML into OA Framework Page- URL Include and other options
How To call AM methods from Controller without using invokeMethod
Printable Page in OAF
Integrating Workflow and OAF to Invoke Workflow
Calling Database Procedures and Function from OAF
How to call Java stored procedures from PL/SQL
LOV Events in OAF
Extending the PageLayoutRN of a Page in OAF
Adding attachments in a OAF Page
Adding the new region to the Application Home Page using Personalization in OAF
Debugging Hello World Page in OA Framework
Implementing Hide Show region style in OAF
Passing parameters from One page to another page in OAF
Partial Page Rendering
How to read the file from filesystem and display it on the OA Framework Page
How to show multiple error messages in OA Framework
Dynamically Color the Rows in an OA Framework Advanced Table
How to Add Custom CSS Class to your OAF Page
How to get the DBC file for your OAF Development
Avoid Multiple Clicks on a Submit Button in an OAF Page
Builtin Popup page in OA Framework
Home Page with Tabs for OA Framework
Implementing Dependent LOV in OA Framework
Creating an Attribute Set in OA Framework
CSV File Upload for OA Framework
Dynamic VO Creation in OA Framework
How to pass an array to pl/sql procedure from java
Working with pop-ups in OAF
Add DFF in your Custom OA Framework Page
Setting the default selected date for an OAMessageDateFieldBean
What the hell is JVM , Session , Cache ?
Some facts About R12 OAF techstack
Disable Browser Back Button in OAF
Creation Of the Anonymous page Introduction
Hide "Privacy Link" and "Copy right information" from dialog page!
Programatic PPR in OAF
Blocking User on submit Action in a OAF page
Scrolling Table :Table with horizontal Scrollbars and vertical scrollbars
Upload file to Application server using OAFileUploadBean instead of Database
Personalization in Oracle Application Framework
Customization of a page in Oracle Application Framework
Development of a new Page in Oracle Application Framework
How to hide OAImageBean in Controller
Enable Debug Log on OAF Page
Diagnosing Extension Problems
Diagnosing Personalization Problems
Programmatically Search / Custom Search Code
How to call SRS Window in OAF
Creating MessageChoiceBean Programatically
Getting & Setting Value
Creating VO at RunTime in Controller OR Dynamically created VO
How to return array from Application Module
To Find out the event Occur
Comparision of Dates in Controller
Partial Page Rendering (PPR)
Retaining issue in LOV whenever any Event occurs
How do I find rows that were selected by the table selector
How to throw Attribute Level Validation in AMimpl
Adding Level 1 Tab Page to the existing oracle screen
Add/Minus 1 date from a given date
Advanced Table in Advanced Table via View Link
Attachment Feature in Advanced Table
How to make selected row Read Only in Table
Popup Regions in R12.1.2 for JDev 10G - OAF
Learn OAF
Controller Extension in R12 - OAF
Popup in OAF - R12.1.2 Part II
Testing VO at design time - OAF Jdev 10G feature
How to Test or Create DBC File on Oracle Apps 11.5.10
EO based VO Extension in OAF – R12
AM Extension in OAF
Dependent LOV in OAF
OAF and Oracle Workflow
Call PL/SQL from OAF
Deploy OA Framework
Callable Statement
Hide a mandatory field
Manipulating OA Footer
OAF – Modifying SQL Behind Framework Pages
Oracle OAF Personalization – Self Service – Migration – Export/Import
The Applications Framewor
Best practice - Implementation of OA Framework Technology
OAF Extend on Oracle EBS 11i
Personalization and Extension for E-Business Suite using OA Framewor
Using Personalizations and Other Techniques to Give Your Self-Service Applications a Custom Look and Fee
R12 Field Readiness Training: OA Framework Hands-On Lab (Personalization)
Basic Navigations for Oracle Apps/OAF
OAF personalization and extenstions
To set the purchasing and Payment checkboxes as default in address purpose for suppliers
Building OAF page for displaying contact
oa Framework Basics
Oracle JDeveloper: Development Methodology
Create a custom OAF page inside Oracle Applications
Oracle R12 Oracle Application Framework
OAF Material
OAF White Paper
R12 OAF Features
OA Framework
OAFramework Material
Getting Personal with OA Framework Pages
How to export the multiple VO data to excel programatically
How to Create Dependent LOV's
How to upload excel to the database table
Using Applet in OAF
Useful Information on OAF Personalization
Building a generic upload page in OA Framework
Using SPEL in OA Framework to overcome “context” issue in notifications
Get contents of DBC file without access to server
OAF: Setting initial focus on an input field
OAF and Function Security
DBC File
Fix for java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column type when extending a VO
Fix for "Each row in the Query Result Columns..." when extending VO
Opening a POP UP window in OAF
OAF - Create VO on FLY.
OAF - How to add a new VO into a existing AM
OAF - Submit a OAF Page using javascript
OAF - Best way to extend VO
OAF - Table Events
Oracle R12 Oracle Application Framework
Create a custom OAF page inside Oracle Applications
How to display HTML in content (OAF)
Second OAF Assignment
Extending View Objects in R12
Adding attachments using personalizations in OAF R12
Extending Controller Class in R12
Running HRMS OAF Pages from JDeveloper in R12
Run iExpenses from JDeveloper - R12 - Part 1 - HD
Run iExpenses from JDeveloper - R12 - Part 2 - HD
Configure your JDeveloper for OA Framework Release 12
Add notification region to home page via personalization
Implementation steps for adding read-only Attachments to OA Framework page via personalizations
Analysis for adding read-only Attachments to OA Framework page via personalizations
Part 2 - Attachments in Self Service E-Business Suite
Part 1 - Attachments in Self Service E-Business Suite
OAF (on Wikipedia)
Documentation Comments. If you do it in PL/SQL, why not in OAF?
Speed Up Bulk Row Operations
Use Ant for OAF Deployments
OA Framework - Region - AdvancedSearch
OA Framework - Region - BulletedList
OA Framework - Region - DefaultDoubleColumn
Bulleted List
Calling Page from AM's
OAF Date Convertion, Typed in Java and OAF
Submitting Concurrent Programs through OAF Page
Dynamicllay adding Where Clause Condition to VO's
Common CO which is used for across the page
Adding Custom Html code to the OAF Page
Number Formatting in OAF
Changing the Total Label in OAF
How to Use JAVA Script in OAF Page
OAF Page Personalization....adding two columns and button as programatically to the table region
Creation of Side Navigation the page
Dynamically Change the color of rows in advanced table region
CSS Class names in OAF
CSS Class names in OAF
Loop Throught the Fetched Records in VO
How to add where condition to the sql stament....?
How to Generate the SQL-TRACE file in OAF page
Launch a Workflow from OAF
Create new button programatically
Add Processing Page Access to Launching Page
Call Procedure in OAF (1 input, 1 output parameter)
Call Procedure in OAF (2 input parameters)
Call Function in OAF
Create Tip Messages
Returns a date string in the users date format
Delete Operation in oaf...when we pressing the delete icon in the page
Passing parameters from one OAF page to another OAF PAge
Integrating XML Publisher and OAF:Generating output in PDF, MSWord, MSExcel and HTML Format
Creation of ViewObject Dynamically...
Creating Defalut List Bean Dynamically In oaf
Creating Defalut List Bean Dynamically In oaf
Converting String Object to Date Object in OAF and also how to pass the date object to preparedStatement
How to create VO s and VLs dynamically in OAF
To Identify the Correct Jdeveloper for the Oracle EBS
Using CSS Class in OAF displaying the message in UpperCase
OAF : Partial Page Rendering : PPR
Add Anothre Row Functinaliy in declarative way
Adding New Row to the Advanced Table in Programatical way
Implementing Auto Customizatin Criteria
Adding Javascript to OAFramework page
List all Paramaters for a Page
Regions in OA Framework
Embedding ADF Region into OAF Page
Deploying new OA Framework Page
Get Started with OA Framework
Installing jDeveloper on your PC to get Started with OA Framework Development [11.5.10 CU4]
“OA Framework Tutorial 1 - Step by Step in Audio Video” As mentioned by Anil “Objective :- To create a working page in OA Framework, without writing a single line of code in java.”
OA Framework Tutorial 2 - Step by Step in Audio Video
OA Framework Training Tutorial 3 - Add record functionality to the screen
OA Framework Training Tutorial 4 - Update record functionality to the screen [Also includes deployment instructions and source code ]
A step by step example to deploy the Tutorial onto APPS Instance
OA Framework : How to design/build a simple screen that interacts with Database table
OA Framework Table Based Scree Non Programming Steps
OA Framework Controller ViewObject for Table Based Screen
MDS in OA Framework -What exactly it is?
Steps to Extend View Object in OA Framework
Extend Entity Object Substitution [using iProcurement] in OA Framework - An Example
OA Framework Extending Controller - Steps
Extension of Application Module in OA Framework - Part 1
Extension of Application Module in OA Framework - Part 2
Call OA Framework Page from Oracle Forms passing Parameters
OA Framework R12 Extension Example
How to move personalizations from one environment to another
Steps to prepare your jDeveloper environment for Extensions
Audio-Video Demo- How to run Oracle Apps pages from jDeveloper - Example iProcurement
Integration of Oracle Forms and OAF
Customizing Query Bean to Extend/Override the functionality of GO button
Adding LOV to OAF Page using Personalization
Shared Region and Adding Region to Page using Personalization
Concurrent Processing: Request Submission
HGrid: An Introduction
Create Page Code in OAF
Cancel Button Code for OAF Page
Exporting OA Page Definitions
Controller Extension in OA Framework
Deploying the VO Substitution
EO Extension in OA Framework
Exporting and Importing Personalization in OAF
How to launch Workflow from OAF page?
Few important properties that you will set for OAF Items in Page
Item Styles in OA Framework
Regions in OA Framework
Useful Navigations in Oracle Apps
How to set where clause programmatically in OAF?
Copying multiple rows in an Advanced Table(OAF)
Few useful Code Snippets for OAF Development
How to create a Link in OAF
Steps for VO Extension in OA Framework
Chola's OAF Tutorials(R12) Part 8 - Update Page
Chola's OAF Tutorials(R12) Part 7 - Delete Page
Chola's OAF Tutorials(R12) Part 6 - Create Page
Chola's OAF Tutorials(R12) Part 5 - Drill Down to Details
Chola's OAF Tutorials(R12) Part 4 - AutoCustomizationCriteria Search
Chola's OAF Tutorials(R12) Part 3 - ResultBasedSearch
Basics of OA Framework Part II
How to register an OAF Page as a Function in Oracle Apps
Search Page without Using Query Bean and Switcher Implementation
Implementing External LOV in OA Framework
Implementing Poplist in OA Framework
OAF Architecture
Basics of OA Framework
OA Framework For Beginners Part II - Hello World
How to compare SysDate with any other Date in OAF
How to perform SSN format validation in OA Framework
Dependent LOV in OAF
Dependent Poplist in an Advanced Table in OAF
How to set the sequence value while saving the record in OA Framework
How to format code in OA Framework
Set DFF Segment Required in OA Framework
Personalization in OA Framework
How to view the contents of .class file in OAF
AM Retention and retainAM=Y
Extensions in OA framework
Few Useful threads in OAF forum
Introduction to OAF
Regions in OAF
Items in Oracle Application Framework
MVC Architecture for Oracle Application Framework
JDeveloper Tutorial for Oracle Application Framework
My First Hello World Page in OA Framework!
Create Hello World Page in OAF!
Personalization vs Extension vs Customization
Build simple search page in OA Framework
Build a Create Page in OAF!
How to customize a LOV in OAF (VO Extension)?
Initial Setup in JDeveloper for OAF Development
Change the date Format from YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY
Deployment of Page in APPS - OAF
Deploying Personalizations
Import & Export Commands 11i & R12
Calling Procedure
Things good to know
How to Capture LOV Event
Convert dateToString | stringToDate
Callable Statement in Controller
Prepared Statement - Controller
How to compare two dates
How to capute current row in Table Region
Onion Architecture of OA Framework
Important Profile Options in OAF
raiseDeveloperException - To see output OnScreen
Profile Option to get HOST & PORT
Sequence in EO
Insert a new record by createRow()
Overview of the OA-Framework Components
Delete Exercise [ Delete row from a Table]
How to start learning OAF
Find the right JDeveloper Patch for OAF development
Getting started with OAF development
Customization+Reduction+with+Forms+and+OA+Framework+ Personalizations
EBS Java and OAF
New to OAF
About OAF – Downloading And Configuring JDeveloper
OA Framework Basic
Oracle – OAF – Oracle Application Framework – OA Framework
Oracle Application Framework OAF — introduction, more coming soon
Introduction to OA Framework page Personalization
Customizing Self Service Applications using Personalizations
Oracle Applications Framework
How to setup JDeveloper and OAF Project
Profiles for OA Framework
Remove Personalization in OAF
Create a Hello world page in OAF
Choosing the Right JDeveloper Release for Your EBS Environment
Personalizing and Extending Release 12
How to set system date -1 on a View Attribute
How to see debug logging mesages on jdeveloper console
How to capture the Go button for the Query region and edit the where cause
Getting Started with OAF
OAF Personalizations Deployment Steps
Use a sequence value when saving a record in OA Framework
Start with OAF Development
What is AM ?, VO?, CO?, EO ? in OAF
OAF Architecture
What is OAF ?
Basic steps to Create a Page in Jdeveloper
Introduction to OA Framework.
How to deploy OAF Pages in Oracle Application :-
Remove OAF Customization
SQL Behind R12 Self Service Application Web (OA Framework) Page
Oracle EBS 11i:Creating a simple search/result page in OAF
OAF:Creating EO / VO / AM
OAF - Calling Database sequence
OAF - String to SQL Date
OAF - Remove Personalizations
OAF - Hiding a Function/Page based on responsibility
JDR_UTIL – OAF Development Utility
How to Extend a View Object in OAF
Create a ‘Hello World’ Page in OAF
Creating a Oracle Defined ‘Hello World’ OAF Page
Initial Setup in JDeveloper for OAF Development
Create a Page in OAF
Creating Simple Search Page in OA Framework.
Oracle R12 Controller Class extension in OAF
How to Extend a View Object in OAF R12
Quick Intro on OAF for a beginner :
Extending a seeded VO
How to Setup Your JDeveloper Environment for Development
Oracle Applications Framework
Configure your JDeveloper for OA Framework Release 12
OAF Tutorial-3: OAF Page creation (A simple search-result page)
OAF Tutorial-2: Creating EO / VO / AM in OAF
OAF Tutorial-1: Oracle JDeveloper 9i with OA extension installation
Oracle Application Framework (OAF) in Oracle R12
Setting Up JDev for OAF
Downloading DBC File from application server for OAF.wmv
Setting env variable JDEV_USER_HOME for OAF.wmv
Setting Up JDev (Project Settings) for OAF.wmv
Identifying version of Jdeveloper for OAF.wmv
This compilation itself
OA framework- Region
OA Framework - Item
OA Framework - Region - AdvancedTable
OA Framework - Region - CellFormat
OA Framework - Region - ContentContainer
OA Framework - Region - ContentFooter
OA Framework - Region - DefaultFormStack
Get the value of a check box field in a page
Populate Current Date and Time in OAF
Compare Dates
Get Current Language
Forward to a New Page
Controller Extension Steps in OAF
when you want to find the dbc file, if you are having access credentials with you.
Very ROUGH OAFramework Audit Notes
Setting Up JDeveloper for OA Framework
Session 1 - Setting up JDeveloper
Session 2 - Creating The First Hello World Page
Session 3 - Introduction to OA Framework
Session 4 - JSP Application Primer
Session 5 - Anatomy of OA Framework Page
JDeveloper Setup for OA Framework
Show OA References
Download a file in OAF
Items in OA Framework
OAF Directory Structure - Location of Files on Server
Simple Search Page in OAF
Create and Update Page in OAF
OA Framework Architecture Overview
Working With Key Flex Filed In OAF
Tea Order - OAFramework and Workflow
Integrate OA Framework with Web Service
Captcha Implementation. Step by Step Webservice in OA Framework using java
Steps by Step approach to call a Captcha Webservice from OA Framework
OA Framework page on web
Debugging OA Framework - 7 Different Techniques
How to build Master-Detail screen in OA Framework - Part 1
Defaults in OA Framework - Concepts and practical approach
Add Picklist/Dropdown list field to OAF Screen using extension/Personalization
Testing OAF Extensions after deployment- When to bounce what?
FAQ for Extending View Objects in OA Framework
OA Framework - Develop Page that does not require login - Using GUEST
Setting Up JDeveloper-Download Correct version of Jdev and Diagnosing Problems
OAF and Workflow: JRAD Notification (OAF Region Embedded in Notification)
Download File Stored in database to client machine using web PL/SQL
Advance Search Page without using Query Bean
Returning PL/SQL Table to OAF code
Master Detail Page using Hide Show and Advanced Table inside Advanced Table
Oracle Style Master Detail Page Using AS and VL
How to Call OAF Page from Workflow Email Notification
Copy rows from one view object to another
How to pass different types of params to AM Method
Multiple OAF developers best practices
JavaScript In OA Framework
More updates on Javascript usage
Dependent Dynamic message choicelists
Implementing a simple watch in a OA Framework Page
PPR-- An insight !
Passing pl/sql table to Java using Oracle JDBC and vice - versa
MOAC(Multi Org Access Control) in OA Framework
Dynamically changing multiselect to single select in Table in OAF
Setting Query Dynamically in View Object. (Why in some cases even after using setQuery(), VO picks default query.)
Implementing Export Button Functionality Programatically
Giving download option to user for a file at a particular location on Application Server
Attaching AutoSubmit Property to a OA page
Concept of Nested AM.
Adding programmatic fire Action to UIX beans which dont support it
OAF : Passing a Table Type Object to Oracle Stored Procedure & Retrieving Error Stack
Auto Suggest or Look Ahead LOV's OAF
Restrict user to enter data in CAPS ONLY
Submitting the Page on Enter Key - OAF
How to Restrict user from entering special characters using Regular expressions- OAF
How to add ViewAttribute in ViewObject (VO) dynamically
OAF - Tables and PPR
Oracle Workflow Notifications & OAF
Personalization and the MDS Database Repository
Raise a Business Event from your OAF Page
OAF Key Do's and Don'ts (Part 1) - "Top 10" Golden Rules
OAF Key Do's and Don'ts (Part 2) - Performance Tuning: "Top 10" OA Framework Development Rules
Customizing Oracle EBS OA Framework
Call Concurrent Program from OA Framework
debug bc4j objects
Logging in Apps
OAF Personlization related Script
How to Integrate OAF Region in Oracle Workflow Notifications with example How to Integrate OAF Region inOracle Workflow NotificationsWith example
Forms and OA Framework Personalization Examples in R11i/R12
What is new in Oracle Application Framework – Oracle R12?
FORMS and OAF PersonalizationsTopTen
EBS R12 OAF How to Add Who Columns
EBS-R12-HowTo List and Interpret AOF Personalizations
EBS R12 OAF How to Control a Button via Grants
EBS R12 OAF How to Add Who Columns
To Customize or Not to Customize?
New Whitepaper: Upgrading EBS 11i Forms + OA Framework Personalizations to EBS 12
R12.1 - Invoking Web Service from OA Framework Pages
How to split rows in Table or Advance Table???
How to send entire table rows into PL/SQL Package at one go..
Limitations in embedding OAF regions in Workflow Notifications
OAF Learnings
Extending a VO: ReqLinesNotificationsVO in ReqLinesNotificationsRN
Open Workflow status monitor diagram page in OAF
OAF Page without PageLayout Region
OAF ContentContainer Region
MDS in Oracle Applications, OAF
Auto Repeating Layout
OAF Custom Clear Button - Different Approaches
Attachments in OAF Pages: A Simple Case study
Control Hints in OAF
Disable Right Click in OAF page
Help Questions in OAF.......part -3
Help Questions in OAF.......part -2
Help Questions in OAF.......part -1
The major.minor version '48.0' is too recent for this tool to understand
Improving Performance of a HGrid
How to avoid Integration Problems in OAF???
OA Framework Best Practices
EO's without WHO Columns
Why invokeMethod()?
Why to use Entity Experts.
Decompile class file in JDeveloper itself
An Analysis of Entity Objects ( EO ) (Deep Dive)
An Analysis of View Objects ( VO )
Entity Cache Management
Automatic personalization creations from a template
TextBox to Dropdown only by personalization
Automated OAF Deployment
Cursor Focus on OA page
STATUS_INITIALIZED Initializing rows
OA Framework Custom Component: Pivot Table 1.1 beta version
Bound Values in OA framework - I
Bound Values in OA framework - II
TemplateCO in OA Framework
OAF LOV Overriding Default Where Clause
OA Framework Architecture
What is OA Framework ?
UIX Bean and OA Webbean hierarchy
OAF Page Processing Part #1 - Key Terms
Common Mistakes in OAF
ValidateEntity, NewRowState and Commit
UIX (User Interface XML) Framework
Calling JSP Page from OAF Page
Using Code Templates in JDeveloper

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