Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to setup JDeveloper and OAF Project

OAF extensions or enhancements are built as OAF Projects, which can be delivered or migrated as individual files. To build OAF applications we need JDeveloper, an application Database along with server (called an instance), where we want to run the components we develop. Following are the basic steps need to setup an OAF Project.

1. Download the JDeveloper

2. Create OA Workspace and OA Project.

3. Create runtime connection

4. Create design time connection

1. Download the JDeveloperDownload the JDeveloper from , unzip the contents and copy jdevbin folder present to a disk drive where you want to build OAF projects. Here jdevbin is copied to C:\jdev


Run the executable file jdevW present at location C:\jdev\jdevbin\jdev\bin


Running jdevW executable launches the JDeveloper.

2. Create OA Workspace and OA ProjectCreate an OA Workspace, while creating the workspace select the check box to create new OA Project to create OA Project simultaneously. Provide names for workspace and project. While creating this project accept the defaults.

This would create the workspace and project as shown in the figure below.

3. Create runtime connection.Runtime connection is used while testing or running the pages from JDeveloper. To create runtime connection select the project created above and open the project properties by navigating to Tools > Project properties. In project properties window selection Runtime Connection under Oracle Applications. Provide the dbc file name along with path, database username and password. The dbc file can be obtained from INST_TOP of the instance to which we connect while running the application. Enter a valid application short name and responsibility key for the user entered in username field.

4. Design time connectionDesign time connection is used while building model components like EOs, VOs, AMs etc. To create design time connection navigate to Connections tab, right click on Database and say new. This launches the create connection window, where in database apps username and password are to be entered. Then click next to navigate to host details window.

Provide the host, port and SID of DB.

Following figure shows the design time connection created.

Now we are set ready to build develop the OAF Project

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