Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Profiles for OA Framework

Oracle Applications Look and Feel / APPS_LOOK_AND_FEEL
Specifies the look and feel for all OA Framework based pages. This value can be set at any of the Site, Application, Responsibility or User levels.
-Valid seeded values include:
blaf - Oracle's corporate Browser Look-and-Feel [ OTN Version of BLAF guidelines ]
minimal - Generates "minimal" content to reduce the size of HTML pages and overall network overhead.
oaText - Produces a plain text version of the page.
-If you create a custom look and feel, then the custom look and feel family name must be specified as the profileoption value.

Self Service Personal Home Page Mode / APPLICATIONS_HOME_PAGE
Determines the look-and-feel of the Oracle Self-Service Applications Personal Home Page.
Valid values include:
-Framework only - This is the new OA Framework personal home page.
-Personal Home Page - This the earlier blue/gray personal home page.
-Personal Home Page with Framework - This is combination: users login to the old-style personal home page, but when they select a responsibility, the new OA Framework navigation page displays instead of the old blue/gray menu.

Application Framework Agent / APPS_FRAMEWORK_AGENT
Specifies the Java listener for your HTTP server (the host and port for the web server that will be used by OA Framework applications). It can be set at the Site and the User level.
Value (provide your own hostname and portname):
Warning: Both the HTTP server and the Java listener should be properly configured and started before the OA Framework applications can be launched.

Apps Servlet Agent / APPS_SERVLET_AGENT
Determines the location where servlets are executed.
Value (provide your own hostname and portname):
Note this is a preexisting Oracle Applications profile option that must be set for graphs.

Determines the maximum servlet session length in hours.

Maximum idle time for the Oracle Applications user session (specified in minutes).
Tip: If passivation is enabled, this value should be longer than the ICX: Limit Time value to allow users to resume suspended transactions without being redirected to the login page (this happens only when the Oracle Applications user session times out, not the servlet session).

Upload File Size Limit / UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT
Specifies the maximum allowable file size in KB for uploaded attachments.
For example, if the limit should be 2MB, this value should be set to 2000 or 2000K.

This profile option controls the "Match Case" checkbox in the "Advanced Search" region of Web Inquiries. Setting this profile option value to "Checked" or "Hidden" helps avoid running poor performing queries which would normally disable indexes using an upper() clause. This profile option can be set at all levels. Valid values include:
• Unchecked - the Match Case checkbox will be rendered in an unchecked state
• Checked - the Match Case checkbox will be rendered in a checked state
• Hidden - the Match Case checkbox will NOT be rendered, and it will behave as if checked. Instead of the checkbox, the UI displays a message that says "Match Case has been selected for you."

Server Timezone / SERVER_TIMEZONE_ID
The time zone for the database server. It is assumed that all dates stored in the database will be interpreted relative to this time zone. This profile is only updatable at the Site level.

Client Timezone / CLIENT_TIMEZONE_ID
The time zone for the client (user). This profile is updatable at all levels - Site, Application, Responsibility and User. Fields that specify a date and time will be queried and displayed to the user after automatically applying a time zone conversion as indicated by the Server Timezone and Client Timezone profiles. Conversely, a date and time entered by the user will undergo the opposite conversion before being stored into the database.

ICX: Date format mask / ICX_DATE_FORMAT_MASK
The format used when displaying date fields. When a field displays both date and time, the date component will be displayed in the format specified here, and the time component will be displayed in a 24 hour format including hours, minutes and seconds

User session language.

User session territory or country.

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