Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remove Peronsalization In OAF

1. Log in and select iProcurement responsibility.

2. Click Receiving tab.

3.Click About this Page link on bottom left.

4. Verify and copy the value for Document Name, e.g.:

5. Switch to Functional Administrator responsibility.

6. Click Personalization tab.

7. Enter value from step 4 in Document Path. e.g.:

8. Mark check-box for Personalized.

9. Click Go.

10. In the results container, click 'Manage Personalizations'.

11.On Manage Personalization Levels page, mark check-box in Select column for Site Level.

12. Click the 'Delete Personalizations' button above.

13. Get Warning:
"Are you sure you want to delete personalization defined at
Site Level for Page:
/oracle/apps/icx/por/rcv/webui/IcxPorRcvHomePG ?"

14. Click: Yes

15. Personalization is now removed.

16. Go back to iProcurement responsibility.

17. Click Receiving tab.

18. See that Personalize Page link is again available.

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