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Oracle Payments Positive Pay Details

Positive Pay Output Files are Missing for Successfully Completed IBY_FD_POS_PAY_FORMAT Requests
That condition can occur if the Output Format setup for the IBY_FD_POS_PAY_FORMAT concurrent program is mistakenly set to 'PDF' instead of to 'Text'.

Using responsibility System Administrator, please navigate Concurrent > Program > Define.
Run an F11 query for program Short Name IBY_FD_POS_PAY_FORMAT.
If the Output Format is indeed set to 'PDF', change it to 'Text', and Save that change. 

Then run additional testing to verify that the IBY_FD_POS_PAY_FORMAT concurrent requests now generate output files that are consistent with the check selection and text output row formatting that is referenced in the associated log files.

Positive Pay File Requirement for Negotiable and Voided Checks (Doc ID 1909147.1)
In R12 (12.0.x, 12.1.x, 12.2.x), there is a single seeded Format for generating Positive Pay File reports: 
Name: Positive Pay File

That single seeded Format is utilized by two standard concurrent programs:
Name: Positive Pay File 
Name: Positive Pay File with Additional Parameters

If a Positive Pay File output is to be generated automatically from the processing of a Payment Instruction, it is the "Positive Pay File" concurrent program that will be executed.

When generating a Positive Pay File output outside of the payment batch process, it is almost always Positive Pay File with Additional Parameters concurrent program that gets submitted.

As implied by the difference in the two program names, the Positive Pay File with Additional Parameters concurrent program offers much more flexibility over submission parameters than is available with the Positive Pay File Concurrent Program. For example, the Positive Pay File with Additional Parameters concurrent program allows the user to specify "Reselect" of checks, and with regard to payment status it offers the choice between Negotiable only, Void only, or Negotiable and Void.

Please run testing related to the descriptions above of standard positive pay file setups and functionality on R12, and determine how you prefer to implement Positive Pay File reporting to meet your specific business requirements.

R12: How To Generate Positive Pay File reports for Quick Payments (Doc ID 465466.1)
By default, the Positive Pay File programs are attached to the Fund Disbursement responsibility (for the Payments Manager module), but they can also be assigned to a Payables responsibility.

1. Select the System Administrator responsibility from the Home Page
2. Path: Security > Responsibility > Request
3. Query using the following criteria:
Group = All Reports
Application = Payables
4. Insert a new row for the program Positive Pay File for the Payables application, and another new row for the program Positive Pay File with Additional Parameters for the Payables application.
Save the changes.

After this, the reports will be available to be run using any Payables responsibility that has the "All Reports" Request Group assigned to it.

5. When a Quick Payment is created in the Payments Workbench form, the system generates a concurrent program called Format Payment Instructions.  Check the log file for this process to determine the system-assigned Payment Instruction ID number for the payment.
6. Then submit the Positive Pay program of your choice from the Concurrent Standard Request Submission (SRS) window, using the Payment Instruction ID number as a parameter.

Positive Pay File With Additional Parameters Is Giving XML Output (Doc ID 1683123.1)

Please try the following:

1) Payments Setup Administrator > Formats > Formats
- Ensure Data Extract = Oracle Payments Funds Disbursement Positive Pay
- Ensure XML Publisher Template = Positive Pay
If these are already true, go to step 2.

2) Run the program "XML Publisher Template Re-Generator" and pass parameter as ALL. Add this to the Payables request group if it's not available.
System Administrator> Security : Responsibility:Request

3) Check note 1300332.1 and use the same steps, but instead for template IBYPOS_PAY_en.rtf and with a Positive Pay file focus.

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