Friday, April 14, 2017

How To Generate Positive Pay File reports for Quick Payments

By default, the Positive Pay File programs are attached to the Fund Disbursement responsibility (for the Payments Manager module), but they can also be assigned to a Payables responsibility.

1. Select the System Administrator responsibility from the Home Page
2. Path: Security > Responsibility > Request

3. Query using the following criteria:
Group = All Reports
Application = Payables

4. Insert a new row for the program Positive Pay File for the Payables application, and another new row for the program Positive Pay File with Additional Parameters for the Payables application.
Save the changes.

After this, the reports will be available to be run using any Payables responsibility that has the "All Reports" Request Group assigned to it.

5. When a Quick Payment is created in the Payments Workbench form, the system generates a concurrent program called Format Payment Instructions.  Check the log file for this process to determine the system-assigned Payment Instruction ID number for the payment.

6. Then submit the Positive Pay program of your choice from the Concurrent Standard Request Submission (SRS) window, using the Payment Instruction ID number as a parameter.

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