Sunday, March 20, 2016

AR - How to create a VAT only invoice

  1. Navigate to the Transactions window

  2. The Source is defaulted in

  1. Select invoice from the drop down list in the ‘Class’ field

  2. Select the correct transaction type from the list of values in the ‘Type’ field

  3. In the  ‘Bill To’ field, enter the customer name/number into the ‘Name/Number’ field and press the TAB key

6.    Click on the ‘More’ tab and type in the purchase order number

7.    Click in the ‘Special instructions’ field and either choose a pre-defined special instruction from the list of values or type in your own

8.    Click the ‘Line Items’ button

9.    In the description field enter your description

10. Click into the ‘UOM’ field and choose the suitable option from the list of values

11. In the ‘Quantity’ field enter the quantity you are invoicing for

12. In the ‘Unit Price’ field enter the price per unit that you are invoicing that would need the vat on it

13. In the ‘Tax Code’ box click on the list of values and select ‘Standard’

14. Move down to the next line and copy the line above but enter a minus in front of the quantity and choose Outside the Scope in the vat rate. This will now only show the VAT amount

15. Click on the distribution button

16. Select the correct ‘Activity’ code

17. Select the correct ‘IE’ code

18. Save your work

19. Close down the distributions screen

20. Close down the lines screen

21. Click the Complete button

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