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Oracle R12 Creating a Supplier with Employee through Expense Report

Controlling Supplier Information Entry

The Supplier pages provide you with complete access to all of the supplier attributes, allowing you to do things, such as create new suppliers, update location information for the supplier, and add new payment bank account information.

Function security can be used to enable or disable user access to each of the Supplier pages to allow you to control which elements of the supplier attributes can be accessed or updated by each user. This allows you to segregate the duties that users can perform by setting up a range of responsibilities that provide access to different sets of the Supplier pages which assist you in conforming to separation of duties requirements. For example, by default, you could prevent most users from accessing the banking details for suppliers, and grant a limited set of users a responsibility that includes access to a supplier's banking information.

You can either grant full update access to your users or grant them read-only access to the Supplier pages. You can also grant access to users to view all supplier records or only to view Standard Suppliers. This allows you to restrict the users that can access employee-supplier records that contain sensitive personal information for the employee that is used to pay their expenses.  The current functionality does not provide any way to restrict access to employee suppliers only.  If a user is granted employee supplier access then they will also have access to standard suppliers and an enhancement request was logged for this.  Please see Note:1368011.1 for more information.

R12 Supplier entry and inquiry navigation paths still exist but they are the same webform and therefore the ability to create suppliers exists by default in the inquiry page.  To prevent users from creating suppliers it is necessary to exclude the function Supplier Full Access: Buyer View (POS_HT_SP_ACCESS_FULL) from a responsibility and assign that responsibility to users you wish to prevent from having this ability. 

Creating Expense Reports
Employees can create expense reports in these ways:
Online - using their computers and a standard Web browser.
Online - using Web-enabled mobile devices.
Offline - using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets from a configured template.

With Oracle Internet Expenses, employees can enter and submit expense reports using a standard Web browser or a Web-enabled mobile device. Oracle Workflow automatically routes expense reports for approval and enforces reimbursement policies. Oracle Internet Expenses integrates with Oracle Payables to provide quick processing of expense reports for payment.

In this paper we will provide an overview and instructions on expense report setups, functional flow, few additional futures and technical overview.

Functional Overview





Receipts to





Reports into




Sending Receipts to Accounts Payable
After an employee submits an expense report, Internet Expenses displays a confirmation page with instructions for the employee. For example, you may want to inform the employee that a notification will be sent when the report is approved by management and at that time all original receipts must be sent to the accounts payable department. Most of the companies require original receipts for verification before reimbursing employees for business expenses.

Expense Report Workflow Process
When an employee submits an expense report for approval, the Expense Report workflow process begins. The Expense Report workflow is used to obtain manager and Payables approvals on expense reports. The Workflow Approval process routes expense reports to managers for approval. If a manager rejects the report, the workflow transitions to the Rejection process. The AP Approval process first determines whether an expense report requires the approval of the accounts payable department. If approval from the accounts payable department is not required, the process automatically approves the expense report. If the report requires approval from the accounts payable department, the process waits until it receives a response from that department before continuing.

Converting Expense Reports into Invoices
Oracle Payables pays invoices only, so before an approved expense report can be paid, it must be converted into an invoice. The Oracle Expense Report Export program converts expense reports created in Internet Expenses into invoices in Oracle Payables. An expense report can be processed by the Expense Report Export program only if it receives approval from both the approval manager and the accounts payable department during the Expense Report workflow process.

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