Saturday, October 31, 2015

Workflow Status Monitor Activities History Query

  wias.process_activity                                AS PROCESS_ACTIVITY,
  wias.activity_status                                 AS ACTIVITY_STATUS,
  wa.type                                              AS ACTIVITY_TYPE,
  wa.display_name                                      AS ACTIVITY_DISPLAY_NAME,
  wa2.display_name                                     AS PARENT_ACTIVITY_DISPLAY,
  wpa.activity_name                                    AS ACTIVITY_NAME,
  wpa.process_name                                     AS PARENT_ACTIVITY,
  wias.item_type                                       AS ITEM_TYPE,
  wias.item_key                                        AS ITEM_KEY,
  wi.user_key                                          AS USER_KEY,
  wias.notification_id                                 AS NOTIFICATION_ID,
  wias.assigned_user                                   AS ASSIGNED_USER,
  wf_notification.getsubject(wias.notification_id)     AS SUBJECT,
  wf_fwkmon.getroleemailaddress(wias.assigned_user)    AS ROLE_EMAIL_ADDRESS,
  wf_directory.getroledisplayname2(wias.assigned_user) AS ROLE_DISPLAY_NAME,
  wl.meaning                                           AS
  wl2.meaning               AS ACTIVITY_TYPE_DISPLAY,
  wa.result_type            AS RESULT_TYPE,
  wpa.default_result        AS DEFAULT_RESULT,
  wias.due_date             AS DUE_DATE,
  wpa.instance_label        AS INSTANCE_LABEL,
  wias.begin_date           AS BEGIN_DATE,
  wias.end_date             AS END_DATE,
  wa.description            AS DESCRIPTION,
  wa.version                AS VERSION,
  wa.rerun                  AS RERUN,
  wa.expand_role            AS EXPAND_ROLE,
  wa.function               AS FUNCTION,
  wa.cost                   AS COST,
  wa.function_type          AS FUNCTION_TYPE,
  wa.runnable_flag          AS RUNNABLE_FLAG,
  wa.message                AS MESSAGE,
  wa.error_item_type        AS ERROR_ITEM_TYPE,
  wit.display_name          AS ERROR_ITEM_TYPE_DISPLAY,
  wa.error_process          AS ERROR_PROCESS,
  wpa.perform_role_type     AS PERFORM_ROLE_TYPE,
  wpa.perform_role          AS PERFORM_ROLE,
  wpa.user_comment          AS USER_COMMENT,
  wias.activity_result_code AS ACTIVITY_STATUS_RESULT_CODE,
  wf_core.activity_result(wa.result_type, DECODE(wias.activity_result_code,
  '#NULL', 'NULL', wias.activity_result_code)) AS ACT_STAT_RESULT_DISP,
  wf_core.activity_result(wa.result_type, DECODE(wpa.default_result, '#NULL',
  'NULL', wpa.default_result)) AS ACT_USAGE_RESULT_DISP,
  fl.meaning                   AS EXPAND_ROLE_DISPLAY,
  fl3.meaning                  AS FUNCTION_TYPE_DISPLAY,
  wlt.display_name             AS RESULT_TYPE_DISPLAY,
  fl2.meaning                  AS RERUN_DISPLAY,
  fl4.meaning                  AS PERFORM_ROLE_TYPE_DISPLAY,
  wpa.start_end                AS START_END,
  fl5.meaning                  AS START_END_DISPLAY,
  DECODE(waav.value_type, 'CONSTANT', TO_CHAR(waav.number_value),
  waav.text_value) AS TIMEOUT
  wf_item_activity_statuses wias,
  wf_process_activities wpa,
  wf_activities_vl wa,
  wf_activities_vl wa2,
  wf_items wi,
  wf_lookups wl,
  wf_lookups wl2,
  fnd_lookups fl,
  fnd_lookups fl2,
  fnd_lookups fl3,
  fnd_lookups fl4,
  fnd_lookups fl5,
  wf_item_types_vl wit,
  wf_lookup_types wlt,
  wf_activity_attr_values waav
  wias.item_type           = wi.item_type
AND wias.item_key          = wi.item_key
AND wias.process_activity  = wpa.instance_id
AND wpa.activity_name      =
AND wpa.activity_item_type = wa.item_type
AND wi.begin_date BETWEEN wa.begin_date AND NVL(wa.end_date, wi.begin_date)
AND wpa.process_name      =
AND wpa.process_item_type = wa2.item_type
AND wpa.process_version   = wa2.version
AND wias.activity_status  = wl.lookup_code
AND wl.lookup_type        = 'WFENG_STATUS'
AND wa.type               = wl2.lookup_code
AND wl2.lookup_type       = 'WFENG_ACTIVITY_TYPE'
AND wa.error_item_type    =
AND wa.expand_role        = fl.lookup_code
AND fl.lookup_type        = 'YES_NO'
AND wa.result_type        = wlt.lookup_type (+)
AND wa.rerun              = fl2.lookup_code
AND fl2.lookup_type       = 'FND_WF_ON_REVISIT'
AND DECODE(wa.type, 'FUNCTION', NVL(wa.function_type, 'PLSQL'), wa.function_type) = fl3.lookup_code (+)
AND 'FND_WF_FUNCTION_TYPE' = fl3.lookup_type (+)
AND wpa.start_end          = fl5.lookup_code (+)
AND 'FND_WF_START_END'     = fl5.lookup_type (+)
AND wpa.perform_role_type  = fl4.lookup_code
AND fl4.lookup_type        = 'FND_WF_VALUE_SOURCE'
AND wias.process_activity  = waav.process_activity_id (+)
AND '#TIMEOUT'             = (+)

AND wias.item_type        = 'REQAPPRV'
AND wias.item_key         = '146381433430'

--AND wias.process_activity = :3

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