Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wait for Background Process Issue in PO Requisitions

Proposed solution:
1). The system profile setup at "Site" level - 'PO:Workflow Processing Mode' to "Online"

2). Find out the requisitions item keyRequisition:
    select, prh.segment1, prh.wf_item_type, prh.wf_item_key
        po_requisition_headers_all prh,
        hr_all_organization_units hr
        prh.org_id = hr.organization_id and
        prh.segment1 = '&Enter_Req_Number';

3). First determine the document s wf_item_type and wf_item_key values for the document type that is affected, using the scripts listed above.

4). Then with the above wf_item_type and wf_item_key values, retry the approval from SQLPLUS as follows, when run it will prompt you for the values obtained above in step 1:       
    EXEC wf_engine.startprocess('&WF_ITEM_TYPE','&WF_ITEM_KEY');

5). Run the Workflow Background program as now the approval workflow for this document will be run in a background process:
           Responsibility System Administrator: Navigation: Sysadmin -> Request -> Run

           Set the parameters
           Item Type             = PO Approval or Requisition Approval;
           Processed Deferred      = Yes;
           Process Time Out         = Yes.
           Process Stuck                = Yes, if the Process Stuck parameter is available

6). Check if the document gets approved now.

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