Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How To Enable Workflow Owned By LOV in Workflow Status Monitor For A User Other Than SYSADMIN

A grant needs to be created for the desired user in Functional Administrator Responsibility and the right permission granted in order for this user to query Workflow Items owned by other users in Workflow Status Monitor page.

The steps are as follows:

1.  Log in as a System Administrator and select the Functional Administrator Responsibility.
2.  Select 'Create Grant' button.
3.  Type in a grant name and description.
4.  In the Grantee Type, Select 'Specific User'.
5.  Use the touch to search for the User you want grant access to and Select .
6.  In the Object , use the touch to search and select 'Workflow Items', code is (WORKFLOW_ITEMS).
7.  Next.
8.  In the Data Context Type, select 'All Rows'.
9.  Next.
10.  In the Set, search for 'Business workflow item permission set' using code (WF_ADMIN_ITEM_PSET) and select.
11. Next.
12. Finish

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