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Oracle Order Management Metalink Note IDs

How Does "Validate Lot/Serial Numbers On RMA Receipts" Option Work? [ID 421320.1]
Order Management Testcase Repository Library [ID 743389.1]
Obtain Information On Consignment Orders (Doc ID 391582.1)
List of Notes for General Setups In Order Entry And Order Booking (Doc ID 1270451.1)
Information Center: Oracle Order Management Doc ID 1395754.2
Detailed Functionality of the Calculate Price Flag [ID 1464807.1]
AutoInvoice Process Flows [ID 1527914.1]
OM Automatic Attachments Hidden In Sales Order Form [ID 1529345.1]
What Function is Needed To Enable In Order Management To Allow View Receipts? [ID 1528950.1]
COGS and DCOGS Recognition Accounting Useful Tips [ID 1060202.1]
What are the Differences Between Drop Ship Orders and Back-to-Back Orders in Regards to Unit Cost? [ID 371518.1]
ORDER MANAGEMENT - Maintaining the OM Suite Transaction Tables LIBRARY [ID 438713.1]
Order Query Related Issues - Fixes [ID 1270398.1]
Setup Information For Pricing a Sales Order / Return Order / Retrobill Order Including Standard Behavior Information [ID 1334941.1]
Manufacturing and Distribution Suite Functional Test Scripts [ID 293891.1]
Order Import - Please Enter Required Information - Inventory Item [ID 1519922.1]
Audit History Not Getting Consolidated For Require Reason, History And Raise Integration Event Processing Constraint [ID 1519881.1]
API Script to Populate All Option Components Of PTO Model without using configurator [ID 1519849.1]
15866193:Credit Exposure Report With No Detail Amount [ID 1519390.1]
Repeated BSA Line History Records [ID 1519545.1]
Interface Trip Stop Program Not Working - ORA-00001: unique constraint (ONT.OE_ORDER_LINES_U1) violated in Package oe_line_util Procedure Insert_Row [ID 1519542.1]
Scheduling In Order Management [ID 732914.1]
How to Diagnose Issues Related to the Drop Shipment Process and the Interface Between Order Management and Purchasing ? [ID 566616.1]
OM: Quotes - Simple Negotiations Functional Test FLow [ID 293877.1]
Order Management Suite Tools/Scripts [ID 163773.1]
Order Management Workflow: FAQ [ID 113581.1]
Order Booked And Entered Business Events In Order Management [ID 1406448.1]
OM: Quotes - Simple Negotiations Functional Test FLow [ID 293877.1]
Payments In Order Management In R12 [ID 1164613.1]
Simple Provisioning Order Flow - Setup, Processing and Background Information [ID 741396.1]
How to Make the Order Management Documents Form(FNDATDOC) QUERY-ONLY [ID 986070.1]
Detailed Functional Flow of Customer Acceptance feature in Release 12 [ID 863454.1]
Flow For Standard Attachments [ID 171393.1]
ATP for scheduling in Order Management - The easy guide about ATP for scheduling in OM [ID 1058634.1]
Sales Order Line Subinventory Not Working If Pick Release From Subinventory Is Available [ID 785260.1]
Standard Behavior / Troubleshooting In Sales Order Form [ID 1270475.1]
Enhanced Workflow Activity Hold in Order Management R12.1 [ID 1134364.1]
Overshipped Quantities for RMA's in Order Management R12.1 [ID 1134348.1]
Cascade Header Changes to Lines in Order Management R12.1 [ID 1454033.1]
Detailed Functional Flow of Customer Acceptance feature in Release 12 [ID 863454.1]
FAQ: Best Practices For Custom Order Entry Workflow Design [ID 402144.1]
Does Order Management (OM) populate GL_DATE and TRX_DATE in RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL ? [ID 549800.1]
Order Management Suite Scheduling Library OEXOEORD.fmb OEXDEFWK.fmb [ID 418846.1]
How to Restrict Operating Unit By Responsibility in OM [ID 1053023.1]
ORDER MANAGEMENT - Maintaining the OM Suite Transaction Tables LIBRARY [ID 438713.1]
Can Canceling Internal So Lines Automatically Cancel PO Requisition Lines? [ID 1319993.1]
Order To Cash Flow Cycle In Order Management [ID 985504.1]
Order Management Testcase Repository Library [ID 743389.1]
OM-CPY: Copy Orders - FAQ [ID 113551.1]
OM-RMA: Returns/RMA - Setup [ID 113656.1
Common Freight Issues Involving Copy Order or a Return Order [ID 1172284.1
Fulfillment in Oracle Order Management [ID 396612.1]
Control - Holds: Setup [ID 1263760.1]
FAQ - Understanding the ATP Results and the Availability Window of the Sales Order Form [ID 436771.1]
Order Management: Trouble Shooting Scheduling and ATP Issues [ID 473072.1]
Common Errors and Solutions when Using Workflow in Order Management [ID 429462.1]
Using Workflow in Oracle Order Management [ID 130038.1]
Order Import Functionality In Order Management [ID 746650.1]
How to Detect Data Corruption and Purge More Eligible OEOH/OEOL Workflow Items for Order Management Workflow [ID 405275.1]
How to Set Up Data Collection for Order Management ATP Availability [ID 401158.1]
Improving Performance in Order Management [ID 411879.1]
Order To Cash Flow Cycle In Order Management [ID 985504.1]
OM: Sample Codes For Form Personalization In Order Management [ID 1266606.1]
Credit Checking Setup in Order Management [ID 744642.1]
Order Management Suite - Some Data Fix Patches and Scripts [ID 398822.1]
Process Order API In Order Management [ID 746787.1]
R12: How To Setup Multi Org Access Control (MOAC) for Order Management? [ID 393634.1]
Process Order API - How To Scripts [ID 1265721.1]
Order Management (OM) Sales Order Line Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [ID 1308685.1]
Internal Sales Order Cycle In Order Management [ID 744481.1]
Drop Ship Sales Order Cycle In Order Management [ID 749139.1]
FAQ: Drop Ship Purchase Orders [ID 225434.1]
How To Cancel a Drop Ship Order Line [ID 393688.1]
Purchasing and OM Links With Drop Ship Orders [ID 337820.1]
FAQ: Sales Order Processing within Inventory / Drop Ship Transactions Hungup In Transaction Open Interface [ID 272154.1]
NOTE:435275.1 - RCV-RMA: Receiving - FAQ
How To Setup Cost Of An Item For Calculating Margin Amount And Percentage For Drop Ship Sales Order [ID 343854.1]
How to Automatically Generate Receipts for DropShip Purchase Orders [ID 286996.1]
Vision Demo - How To Create A Drop Ship Sales Order/Purchase Order [ID 1060343.1]
Drop Ship Orders Do Not Take Into Account The Lead Time On Parts [ID 377215.1]
How To Pass Shipping Costs On DropShip POs To AR Invoice [ID 566966.1]
How To Troubleshoot Stuck Transactions with Error "Negative Balance Not Allowed" [ID 209115.1]
Drop Ship Items Get Stuck in Inventory Interface, Get Error "Negative Balances Not Allowed" [ID 331381.1]
Drop Ship Line Is Defaulting Source Type As "Internal" [ID 1327676.1]
Drop Ship Transactions Are Showing Cost Instead Of Po Price [ID 945414.1]
Flow for Simple Drop Ships across Set of Books [ID 295074.1]
OM-DROP: Drop Ship - Setup [ID 113636.1]
Is It Feasible To Drop Ship A Kit (Ship Model Complete) Item? [ID 1234650.1]
How Shipping / Packing Instructions In Drop Ship are Passed to PO. [ID 1348812.1]
How to Prevent ASN Creation When Profile 'PO: Automatically Deliver Drop Ship ASNs'="Y" [ID 423001.1]
Why Item Validation Organization setup is required for Order Management [ID 367872.1]
Receipt Of Drop Ship Component On Kit Item Closes Entire Order [ID 297339.1]
The Order Line Status Of Drop Ship Sales Order Is "Booked" And Not Changing To "Awaiting Receipt" [ID 726082.1]
Shipment for Drop ship txn PPV or Profit In Inventory Is Not Calculated [ID 577847.1]
How To Communicate Notes From A Drop Ship Sales Order To The Po [ID 1323511.1]
Need To Create Drop SHIP PO Even Order Is On Credit Hold [ID 1464879.1]
Intchange Management Drop Ship: How To Update Promise Date On Sales Order To Po/Releases [ID 1320466.1]
How to Set Up Drop Ship to Utilize Quotations? [ID 1293680.1]
Can An ATO Model Be Setup To Be Configured Internally And Use The Drop Ship Om Process? [ID 1110190.1]
What are the Differences Between Drop Ship Orders and Back-to-Back Orders in Regards to Unit Cost? [ID 371518.1]
How To Create Multiple Invoices For Vendor Drop Ship Orders [ID 1478362.1]
How To Make The Ship Source Type of 'External' the Default For Drop Ship Orders [ID 169303.1]
Why Are The Options Cancel And Return Missing From Actions Menus In Autocreate And Summary Windows For Drop Ship Requisitions? [ID 372904.1]
Intercompany Invoicing Is Different For Configurations Between Internal Orders And IC-Drop Ship [ID 1307989.1]
Internal Drop Shipment Process - Transaction For OU2 To Ship On Behalf Of OU1 [ID 1296198.1]
Customer Form: What table Stores the Ship to Internal Location for a Drop Shipment? [ID 566828.1]
How are Serial Numbers Generated for Dropship Receipts and Inserted into MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS [ID 430063.1]
Why Doesn't Dropship And B2B Orders For ATO Not Show On The Consuming Forecast? [ID 747659.1]
How To Process a DropShip RMA in 11.5.10 [ID 330453.1]
Procurement-Receiving Enhancement Requests: Drop Shipments [ID 1317638.1]
Can The Sales Order Line Request Date Be Passed To The Purchase Order Release Need By Date? [ID 556747.1]
Handling Drop Shipment Returns in Order Management Release [ID 198921.1]
R12: Grouping Functionality Of The Purchase Orders Through Autocreate Window Not Working Consistently [ID 1518214.1]
Change Management Drop Ship: How to Update Promise Date on PO to Sales Order [ID 403607.1]
Scheduling In Order Management [ID 732914.1]
Freight & Special Charges & Converting Freight Costs into Charges with Basic Pricing [ID 134046.1]
How to Use Forms Personalization to Restrict Values in Customer Number LOV in Sales Order Form OEXOEORD [ID 862066.1]
Payments In Order Management In R12 [ID 1164613.1]
Sample CUSTOM Library Code To Customize Applications [ID 744065.1]
OEOIMP: Script To Populate Order Import Interface Tables From Existing Sales Order [ID 436215.1]
Gross Margin Calculation in Order Management [ID 858965.1]
When Conventional Thinking Fails: A Performance Case Study in Order Management Workflow customization [ID 431619.1]
OEXOEORD, How To Use Folders and Save Queries In OM Forms [ID 190631.1]
Simple Provisioning Order Flow - Setup, Processing and Background Information [ID 741396.1]
Overview of the Order Backlog Workbench [ID 423214.1]
Control - Workflow: Troubleshooting [ID 113771.1]
R12 Troubleshooting Freight Charge Issues [ID 1172363.1]
BSA Release: Attribute Value on Order Does Not Match Blanket Sales Agreement Attribute Value [ID 838370.1]
Note 99888.1: Drop Shipments – Setup
Note:99886.1 : Drop Shipments – FAQ
Note:99889.1 : Drop Shipments - Troubleshooting
Receipt Cannot Be Performed Again For A Dropship PO Receipt After Return To Supplier Transaction [ID 563373.1]

Drop Ship Orders In Install Base[Article ID 864900.1]

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