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Oracle Apps Interview Questions

1)      What is SET-OF-BOOKS OR Ledgers?
Collection of Chat of Accounts and Currency and Calendars, Convention is called SOB
2)      How can u call a standard interface program from sql or pl/sql code
FND_CONCSUB (can submit cone program in host environment)
4)      mandatory for pl/sql type concurrent program
Procedure/function (ERRBUF OUT RETCODE OUT 0000000.)
ERRBUF: - Used to write the error message to log or request file.
RETCODE    Populate log request file with program submission details info.
5)      What is Value Set
--The value set is a collection (or) container of values.
--Whenever the value set associated with any report parameters. It provides
List of values to the end user to accept one of the values as report parameter value.
If the list of values needed to be dynamic and ever changing and define a tab le based values set.
6)      What r the validation types
1)      None -------- validation is minimal.
2)      Independent ------input must exist on previously defined list of values
3)      Dependent ------input is checked against a subset of values based on a prior value.
3)      Table ----- input is checked against values in an application table
4)      Special ------values set uses a flex field itself.
5)      Pair ------ two flex fields together specify a range of valid values.
6)      Translatable independent ----- input must exist on previously defined list of values;
Translated values can be used.
7)      Translatable dependent ------- input is checked against a subset of values based on a prior values; translated value can be used.
7)      What is template
a)      The TEMP LATE form is the required starting point for all development of
   New Forms.
b)      The TEMP LATE form includes platform independent attachments of several Libraries s.
APPSCORE: - It contains package and procedures that are required of all forms to support the MENUS, TOOLBARS.
APPSDAYPK: -    It contains packages that control the oracle applications CALENDER FEATURES.
FNDSQF: - it contains packages and procedures for MESSAGE DICTONARY, FLEX FIELDS
CUSTOM: - it allows extension of oracle applicant ions forms without modification of oracle application code, you can use the custom library for customization
Such as zoom (such as moving to another form and querying up specific records)
8)      What are ad-hoc reports
Ans:    Ad-hoc Report is made to meet one-time reporting needs.  Concerned with or formed for a
Particular purpose. For example, ad hoc tax codes or an ad hoc database query
9)      What is responsibility
Is collection of menus, request security groups and data groups Menus: collection of forms is nothing but menus?
Request security groups: collection of programs.
Data groups: is a group of modules to be made accessible by the user through Res possibility
System admin
10)     What are different execute ion methods of executables
Flirt The execution file is written using the Flex Report AP I. FlexSql The execution file is written using the FlexSql AP I. Host The execution file is a host script.
Oracle Reports the execut ion file is an Oracle Reports file. PL/SQL Stored Procedure The execution file is a stored procedure. SQL Loader The execut ion file is a SQL script.
SQL Plus The execution file is a SQL Plus script.
SQL Report The execut ion file is a SQL Report script. Spawned The execution file is a C or Pro C program.
Immediate The execution file is a program written to run as a subroutine of the concurrent manager . We recommend against defining new immediate concurrent progr ams, and suggest you use either a PL/SQL Stored Procedure or a Spawned C Program instead .
Composite Data types
What is the sequence of functions D  group by , having , order by in a select statem ents
Select. Group by0Having00rder by.. Difference between User and Super User User : login user or front end user
Super user: it has full access of particular module
11)     Oracle E-Business suite
Oracle apps analytical components software.
(Oracle discover) (Oracle sales analyzer) (Oracle financial analyzer) (Oracle
Marketing analyzer)
12)     What is multi org
Legal entity has more than one operating unit is called as mult i org
a)      Business group --- Human resources information is secured by Business group
b)      Legal entity. --- Inter-company and fiscal/tax reporting. Operating unit.
( application in varchar2 default null , program in varchar2 default null, description in varchar2 default null, start-time in varchar2 default null, sub request in book an default False, argument1 ,
Argument 100) return number;
If this is submitted from oracle forms, all the arguments ( 1 to 100 ) must be specified . 12
27.     . How to submit concurrent programs through OS
-       From the operating system the utility .CONCSUB is used to submit is concurrent program.
-       This is basically used to test a concurrent program.
-       By using the WAIT token. The utility checks the request status every 60 second s and returns the OS prompt upon completion of the request.
-       Concurrent manager does not abort, shutdown or start up until the concurrent re quest completes.
If the concurrent program is compatible with itself, it can be checked for da     ta integrity and dead locks by submitting it many times so that it runs
Concurrently with itself.
PL/SQL procedures can submit a request to run a program as a concurrent process by calling.
Before submitting a request, the following functions also should be called
28.     . How to checks the request states
-       A PL/SQL procedure can check the status of a concurrent request by calling. FND_CONCURENT .GET_REQUEST_STATUS
-       This function returns the status of a concurrent request
-       If the request is already computed, it also returns the completion message.
-       This function returns both user friendly (translatable) phase and status value s as well as developer phase and status vales that can drive program logic. 13
( request_id in outnumber , application in varchar2 default null, program in varchar2 default null, phase out varchar2 ,
status out varchar2 , dev_phase out varchar2 , dev_status out varchar2,
message out varchar2) return BOOLEAN ;
-       When application and program are specified, the request_id of the last request for the specified program should be returned to request_id.
-       Phase, and status values should be taken from FND_LOOKUPS
dev_phase dev_status
Pending  normal, standby , scheduled , paused running normal , waiting , resuming, terminating .
Complete normal, Error, warning, cancelled, terminated Inactive disabled, on-hold , No-manager , suspended
-       This function waits for request completion, then returns the request
  phase/status and completion message to the caller.
-       Goes to sleep between checks for request completion.
( request_id in number default null, interval in number default 60, max_wait in numbe default 0, 14
Phase out varchar2, status out varchar2, dev_phase out varchar2, dev_status out varchar2,
-       This function should be called from a concurrent program to set its completion states.
-       This function returns TRUE on success, otherwise FALSE.
(status in varchar2 ,
Message in varchar2) return BOOLEAN; normal
Status warning Error
29.     What is the reason for not getting any data when a multi org view is quired
-       to get the data correctly, the xxx-ALL must be referenced and the ORG_ID value should be specified to extract portioned data .
-       Multi_org views are part intoned by using ORG_ID .
-       So access through multiorg views will not return any roes, as the CLIENT_INFO Value is not set
-       Use HR_OPERATING UNITS to identify the organization _id of the OU on which
  query is based.
-       Use FND_CLIENT_INFO package to set the value in CLIENT INPO using
  set_org_contest .
-       Execute fnd_client_info . Set_org_context (0<org_id>?);
-       Now qurying of mult iorg views can be done. 15
30.   How do you find that multi_org is installed?
-       Multi organization architecture is meant to allow multiple companies or subsidiaries to store their records with in a single data base.
-       Multiple organization Architecture allows this by partitioning data through
  Views in APPS schema.
-       Implementation of Multi org generally includes more than one business group.
To know whether multiorg is existing or not
Select multi_org_flag
  Form fnd_product_groups
-       If the result is DY? Means the database is group for multiorg
31.What are Handlers?
Handler is a group of packaged procedures which is used by Oracle Applications to organize. PL/SQL code in forms.
-       Handlers provide a way to centralize the code so that it becomes easier to
Develop, maintain and debug.
-       The packaged procedures available le in a handler are called form the triggers by

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