Monday, June 2, 2014

Oracle Contingent Worker (Contractor) Setups and Process

Navigate to Projects, Vision Operations (USA) responsibility.
Enable the “Interface Contingent Worker Labor Costs” under Implementation Options to enable the contingent labor costs transfer.

Setup - Contingent worker in HR.

Navigate to Human Resources, Vision Enterprises.
Go to People -> Maintain Using Templates -> Enter Contingent Workers.

Enter The mandatory fields like Title, First Name, Last Name, Person Type and if required the fields which needs to be captured and Save the Form.

To Query the Contingent worker, Navigate to People -> Maintain Using Templates -> Maintain Contingent Workers.

Click on the People By Name drop down and choose your contingent labor based on the last name.

Click on Show Details to Modify or View the Details.
Navigate to Projects, Vision Operations (USA),
Choose Projects,

Choose Templates and pick up a billable template.

Click on “Copy To” Button and create the Project by entering the details as above.

Assign the Customer and Contacts –

Click Ok and save the details.

Add the contingent labor to the Transaction control.
Save the details.

Enter the Employee Bill Rate.

Save the bill rate and proceed to fund the Project.
Navigate to the main Page,

Choose Agreements.

Fill in all the Mandatory details and click on Funding Button.

Once the line is created, save the work.

Go back to the main screen, Click on the Project Funding Inquiry screen.

Query the Project Number and click on find.
Click on the Baseline Funding…

The above funding has been baselined.

Change the project status to Active.

Go to the Navigator and choose change the responsibility and Choose IProcurement.

Go to the contractors Request under Shop and click View Cart and checkout.

Edit the copy.

Click Continue.

Click Apply.

Choose Checkout.

Enter the details and click Next.

Enter the Account Information – Operations Accounting Flex.

Click on the Submit button.

Check the appropriate approvals and approve the requisition.
Once approved the requisition Status will change to Approved.

Go to Navigator – Change Responsibility to Purchasing,(Vision Operations).

Clear the document and then query the requisition number.

Check the requisition and then click on the Automatic button.

Click the create button to create an automatic PO.

The PO will be created automatically and the above screen will be displayed with the PO Number.

Click on the temporary labor tab to view the contractor’s first and last name.
Click on Shipments.

Go to the More tab.

Choose the Invoice Match Option as “Receipt”.

Click on the approve button.

Submit the PO for approval.

The Above PO has been approved.

Go to the main menu and choose the All Procurement Operations.

Choose the Notifications Summary for the details of all the PO approvals.

The Notification for contractor PO approval is shown which we submitted earlier.
Open the notification and review.

Fill in all the details and click Continue.

Enter all the essential information and click next.

Click next.

The rates are shown for the contingent worker. Click Next.

By Default the Manager and the effective dates are chosen. Click Next.

The details of the contingent worker employee creation are completed. Click the Submit button.
Notice that it routes to Casey Brown (Vision Seeded User) for Approval.

Logout and Go back to the login page.

Login with the manager’s Access (CBROWN).

Click on Manager Self-Service and choose “All Actions Awaiting Your Attention”.

Click on update.

Click on Approve and logout and login as Operations/welcome.
Go to the Human Resources, Vision Enterprises Responsibility.

Under People -> Enter and Maintain.

Search the new contingent worker.

Choose the assignment button.

The Purchasing details are stored in the Assignment Menu.
Click on the Others Button.

Choose “Purchase Order Information”.

Once you choose Purchase Order, it will initiate a new form which will allow you to associate more than one PO to a single Contingent Labor.

Navigate now to System Administrator responsibility.

GO to Security-> User -> Define.

Create a new User Name for the Contingent Worker and assign “OTL, Operations” Responsibility to him so that he can create his timecard.
Logout from Operations and login to the though the new user name to Apps.

The Responsibility assigned to him will be visible.

Click on the “Create Timecard” to enter the time.

Proceed to enter the timecard information - choosing the Purchase Order number, line and also giving the hourly rate. Click the Continue button.
Click on the Submit button to submit the time card for approval.
Confirmation will be given showing a successful submission.
Logout from the system as the contingent worker.
Login as the Operations user (supervisor to the contingent worker) - so as to approve the timecard.

Go to Workflow - > Self Service Workflow -> Notifications.

Click on the approval.

Click on the Approve button to approve the timecard.

Once approved, logout the Operations User and login with the Contingent worker to check if the timecard has been approved.

Click on the Recent Timecards option.

The timecard has been approved.
Logout the contingent worker and again login as Operations User.

Navigate to the Purchasing, Vision Operations.

Choose Reports and run the report - > “Retrieve time from OTL”
Choose the Supplier name that was entered for the Contingent Worker.
Submit the request.

Once the report is completed. Run a new report -> “Pay on Receipt Autoinvoice”

Submit the report.

Navigate to “Payables, Vision Operations” responsibility.

Click on Invoices to create a new invoice and match it to the PO.

After entering the header details, click on the Quick Match button.
Click on the Match Button and enter the PO # and match the details.
Click on calculate tax button to calculate the tax and add the total to the Header “Invoice Amount” column. Click on the Action Button.

Check Validate and click OK.

The Status Message will display as “Validated”.
Click again on the Action Button.

Check the “Create Accounting” Option and choose “Final Post”. Click OK.

Change the Responsibility to General Ledger, Vision Operations (USA).

Choose Journals-> Enter.

Click Find.

The second line is our posting of our batch.
Click on the Review Journal button.

Navigate to Projects, Vision Operations.
Run the report “PRC: Interface Supplier Costs”

Once the report is over the Supplier costs is pulled into Projects.
Go to the expenditure screen and check the Costs.

Enter the Project number and click Find.

The Costs has been imported to Projects.

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