Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oracle Reports Faqs

1.      What is Repeating frame?
A.    Repeating frame is behaves like place holder column. We can get the group wise records from the data base.

2.      What is Summary Column?
A.    Summary column is a system defined computation of an another column data.

3.   What is Formula Column?
A.   Formula column is a user defined computation of an another column data.

4.   What is Place holder column?
A.    Place holder column is a column which we will specify the data type and we will set the values into the place holder column.

5.      What is the Format trigger?
A.    Format trigger is a PLSQL function that are executed before the formatting an object. It facilitates the dynamic changes of formatting attribute value.

6.      What is Validation Trigger?
A.    Validation trigger is PLSQL function that’s are executed when we are select on the parameter value on the command line. When we are accept the parameter value on the command line.

7.      What is the action trigger?
A.    Action trigger is a PLSQL procedure that’s executed when we are select the command button on the run time preview. It is used to call the another report.

8.      What are triggers in reports?
A.      They are 5 types of triggers in reports.
1. Before Parameter form
2. After Parameter form                                                                            
3. before Report
4. between Pages
5. after Report

9.   Bind and Lexical parameter?
A.  Bind parameter is a parameter it is used to substitute the record value.
Lexical parameter is a parameter it is used to substitute the DDL/DML statement to the main query or query builder. We can pass the parameter value in the before parameter form.

10. What is the Confine mode and Flexi mode?
A.     Confine mode is used to confine the object from its parent. Flexi mode is used to move the object any ware.

11.  What is the Srw.message?
A.  Srw.message is used to display the message in the reports.

12.  What is Srw.do_sql?
A.    Srw.do_sql is used to run DDL/DML statement in the reports.

13. What is Srw.abort?
A.     Srw.abort is used to stop and exit the report/form at any point of the time.

14. What is Srw.run_report?
A.   Srw.run_report is used to run the another report with in the report.

15. What is Srw.run_product?
A.   Srw.run_product is used to call another form with in the form or report.

16. What is Anchor?
A.  Anchor is used to determine the horizontal and vertical position of the child object from its parent.

17. What is the Conditional format trigger?
A.   It is used to format the objects in layout editor. Ex: suppose we are getting one report output I want to display different color who are getting the above 10k sal. At the time we will set the conditional format trigger.

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