Friday, November 8, 2013

Client Own Methodology or Tailor Base Methodology

Note: Most of the all Level 5 company following this methodology only

Advantages: Time saving, cost reduction easily to understand client requirement and find out the gap between legacy to Oracle.

  1. As is Study (RD-020): Study of the existing business of the customer.

  1.  To be Process (BP-080): Mapping the existing business with the Oracle.

  1. Gap Analysis (BR-010): This stage not 100% copying the existing system to Oracle so some gap has been this stage.

  1. CRP-1 With Out customization: This stage 100%-20%=80% existing system in to Oracle in test Instance(test Server) but some time some issues are arrived that also solve in development side after move to test environment.
(CRP means Conference Room pilot)

  1.  Module Design and Build:
MD-050: This document is used to remaining 20% gap how to move to Production side so this give to Solution Providing
MD-070: After solution providing in 050 that solution which type of format (coding) and How to Process by Technical Persons this stage explain them.

  1. CRP-2 With Customization: After provide solution in previous stage that to move in testing environment with client or customer also including this stage 

  1. Testing (TE-040): How the customize the using the system(Oracle)

  1. BR-100: In previous Stage what you done setups and process all are everything in document type by using this BR-100

  1. Data Conversion: This Stage What data move from existing system to Oracle and which Date CR-010 (Data Conversion Plan)

  1.  User Training: This Stage how to use new Application i.e. Oracle explain and training to user in Testing side

  1. Transition: Moving from old system to new system in Production.

  1. Go Live: After training Customer using to live

  1. Post Production Support: Now Using new system i.e. Oracle so first time using customers or Client so some issues are faced them at time Supporting team will helpful some Period of time under the condition

Note: In this Stage mostly setup issues are faced by Client or Customer 

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