Wednesday, August 7, 2013

R12 iExpense Interview Questions and Answers

1. There are multiple ways to enter expenses. What are they?
- Manually
- Import from a spreadsheet template
- import from a credit card provider

2. What are the generic programs for loading and validating credit card transactions data from major credit card processors?
A- Using the combined load and validate concurrent programs:
-MasterCard CDF Transaction Loader and Validation Program
-MasterCard CDF3 Transaction Loader and Validation Program
-American Express Transaction Loader and Validation Program
-Visa VCF4 Transaction Loader and Validation Program
-US Bank Visa Transaction Loader and Validation Program
-Diner’s Club Transaction Loader and Validation Program

B- Using separate load and validate programs:
a) Load the transactions using the following programs
- American Express Transaction Loader
- US Bank Visa Transaction Loader
- Diner’s Club Transaction Loader
- Bank of America Visa Transaction Loader
b) Validate the CC transactions using the CC transactions validation program

3. What is the table name where the CC trasnactions should be loaded?

4. There are multiple options to pay CC transactions - what are they?
- employee pays credit card company
- company pays credit card company
- a combination of both

5. iExpense works with other applications - can you provide the list?
- Oracle Payables
- Oracle Projects
- Oracle Grant Accounting
- Oracle Approval Management
- Oracle Application Framework

6. there are two options available to manage iexpense approvals - what are they?
- Standard workflow based on cost center and employee defined in Payables
- Oracle AME and Oracle Workflow to route expense approvals and notifications to approvers

7. There are five workflow processes related to iExpense - what are they?
- Expenses
- Credit Cards
- Expenses Analysis
- Expense Receipts
- EXpense Holds

8. Which iexpense functionality do you use to ensure that expense reports comply with policies of the company when the compnay is not using AME?
- Expense Audit

9. What are the R12 improved functionalities in R12?
- Parallel Approval: route approvals in parralel when expense reports are charged to multiple cost centers, multiple projects
- FYI, notification: define rules in AME to send FYI notifications to managers
- Aggregation of amount: route expense approvals based on aggregated amounts
- Access expense attachments from Invoice: expense report export program has an option to transfer attachments from an expense report to an invoice
- Archive and Purge: a new progran that enables administratrors to archive and purge expense reports related data that is no longer required
- AMEx loader option to NOT load payment transactions: AMEX transaction loader and validate program has been enhanced to optionally load payment transactions
- Duplicate Expense detection: duplicate expense detection rules are now available to detect duplicate expense claims

10. What are the iexpense main tables in R12?  Not a developer

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