Monday, June 10, 2013

Creating AP Checks in Oracle R12 - Void the Payments for Vendor and Submit the PPR

Before going pay the invoices we need to do the below setups for Checks in R12

1. Create template definition under existing data definition and attach the created template.
2. Create payment format for the template.
3. Create payment document
4. Create payment process profile.
5. How to Create Template for Request Submission
6. To Get the XML Data File
7. Submit a Payment Process Request without Template

We did this all the setups in (Previous) below post :

Now we are all set to create checks.

We can do the process in four ways:
 Process 1: Create a single invoice and pay
 Process 2: Create multiple invoices and pay

Process1 and Process2 steps are done in (previous)below post:

Process 3: Void the payments for vendor and submit the PPR

Navigation: Payable Manager à Payments à Entry à Query with below details
Operating Unit : Vision Operations
Bank Account : BofA-204
Payment Method : Check
Status : Negotiable


Click on the find button and enter the values and click on find

Void the payments
Click on Actions à Check the Void à Ok

Then submit the Single Payment Process Request

Payment Process Request Name : XX_APPS88_CHECK_PPR_004
Template : XX_APPS88_CHECK (Use the above created in Step5 template to populate the values)
Click on Submit.

Query with PPR : XX_APPS88_CHECK_PPR_004 and then click on go
Initially PPR status Assembling Payments 

Click on “Take Action” button

Click on Monitor Requests

Now the check is printed, And we need confirm the payment
Now the PPR status is “Formatting
Click on “Take Action” button

Click on the “Record Print Status” button

Click on “Continue” button

Click on “Apply”
Click on Home and click on Monitor Requests

Now check the PPR Status, It is Confirmed

We can use this payments to submit PPR

 Process 4 is covered in the (Next) Below post
 Process 4: Void the payments for vendor and submit the PPR with Create Printed Payment Instructions:

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