Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oracle R12 Supplier Setups

Supplier Set-up or Entering Suppliers Manually
You can create supplier records manually using the Create Supplier page.
·         Verify that the supplier has not already been entered in the system. Use the search tool on the main Suppliers page.
·         Define Payables System Setup options
·         Define payment terms.

To enter basic supplier information:

1.      From the main Suppliers page, click the Create Supplier button.
2.      In the Create Suppliers page, enter a unique Supplier Name.
Suggestion: Use a naming convention that minimizes risk of separate entries for the same supplier under different names. For example, if you consistently spell the full name of a supplier, do not enter both Orion Corp. and Orion Corporation.
3.      If the Supplier Number Entry option in the Payables System Setup window is set to Automatic, Payables automatically enters a Supplier Number for you. If this option is set to Manual, you must enter a unique Supplier Number.
4.      Optionally enter Alias, Name Pronunciation, and D-U-N-S number,(  a standard business identifier).
5.      Optionally enter the supplier's tax identification number in the Taxpayer ID field; for example, an individual's social security number, or a corporation or partnership's federal identification number/federal tax ID.
6.      Optionally enter the value-added tax (VAT) registration number in the Tax Registration Number field if you are entering a VAT supplier.
7.      Click Apply. The system creates the supplier record and accesses the Suppliers: Quick Update page.
8.      If you want to prevent invoice or purchase order entry for this supplier after a certain date, access the Suppliers: Organization page and then enter the date in the Inactive Date field.
9.      To create locations for the supplier, go to the Suppliers: Address Book page and click the Create button.
Enter supplier and site information in the appropriate Supplier pages. See the following page reference sections for detailed information.
o    Quick Update.
o    Organization.
o    Tax Details.
o    Address Book.
o    Contact Directory.
o    Business Classification.
o    Products and Services.
o    Banking Details.
o    Surveys.
o    Accounting.
o    Tax and Reporting.
o    Purchasing.
o    Receiving.
o    Payment Details.
o    Relationship
o    Invoice Management.
Note: Save your updates for each page before navigating to a new section.
Adding a New Supplier Site
To add a new supplier site:
1.      Find the Supplier.
2.      From the address book, select an address and click Manage Sites and then click Create.
3.      The Supplier Site Name defaults from the address. You can override if required. The Site Name does not appear on documents you send to the supplier; it is for your reference when you select a supplier site from a list of values during transaction entry. When you click Apply, the system creates the site or sites.
4.      You can change site information by navigating to the appropriate Suppliers page

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