Thursday, October 18, 2012

R12 Recoverable Tax Setup and Transaction Flow in Payables

Define Tax Regime. Enable the check box “Allow Tax Recovery” in the regime setup.
Screen shots in the document show an example Regime to Rate Setup.

Under Configuration Options, assign the party to the newly defined regime.

Tax Setup

Define a Tax under the Regime and enable “Make Tax Available for Transactions”.

Under Tax Recovery Controls, Enable  “Allow Tax Recovery” option.
Choose a Recovery Rate Type and Code.
Choose a Default Recovery Settlement: Immediate or Deferred.
This option will default to all the statuses under this Tax.

Tax Status Setup
Define a Tax Status.
Enable “Allow Tax Rate Override” and  choose Default Recovery Settlement. This value will default to all the Tax Rates defined under the Status.

Tax Rate Setup
Define Tax Rate under the jurisdiction defined under the Tax Status.

Provide Tax Rate and Tax Account Information. This example shows a 5% tax rate.
Notice in this example, the Tax Recoverable account information is provided while Tax Expense account is not defined.

Tax Recovery Rates Setup
Also define Tax Recovery rate information as shown in the screen shot below.
In this example, the recovery rate is 30%

Tax Rules
Define  and setup tax rules as appropriate.

Example Payables Transaction

Create an invoice in Payables, in the Operating Unit that is subscribed to the regime that was defined.

Validate Invoice. Validation calls the Tax engine to generate Tax line(s) and distributions.

Tax Amounts
The Tax rate: TEST_TAX was setup for 5% with 30% recoverable.
Hence for an invoice for $100,000.00, a Recoverable tax of 1500 and a nonrecoverable tax of 3500 has been calculated.

Account the Invoice.

Accounts used:
Note that the Recoverable Tax Account defaults from  Tax Recovery Rate Setup. If not defined there, the recoverable tax account is defaulted from Tax Rate Setup.

The Nonrecoverable Tax account is defaulted from Tax Rate Setup. If not defined there, the Item Expense account is used for Nonrecoverable Tax.

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