Thursday, September 27, 2012

Property Manager FAQS

1          What type(s) of rental customers do you have?
2          How do you group your rental customers?
3          How do you group your rental customers for statements?
4          How do you group your rental customers for interest charges for late payments?
5          How do you group your customers for payment rules?
6          Do terms and conditions of customer agreements and/or payment terms change based upon the status of their accounts?
7          Do you do miscellaneous invoicing? Please explain with examples.
8          Do you send customers statements?   If so please describe the process and highlight any exceptions.
9          What is the Present Property Hierarchy in Organization?
10        What is the critical information to be captured for Property? Please provide the detials
11        What are the reporting requirement with respect to properties?
12        Are properties associated with the leases?
13        What are the details that are to be captured for the contacts that are related to the property?
14        Are the properties organized into geographical regions?
15        Please provide the list of the geographical regions
16        Are the regions organized into office Parks?
17        Please provide the list of the office parks and associated regions
18        Provide the list of the different kind of the properties to be defined (Building, Floors, Office or Land, Parcel and sections), Also provide the short name for the same.
19        Are property spaces currently assigned to employees or Cost Center?
20        What is the reporting requirement with respect to space utilization?
21        Do you want to assign Space to Employees?
22        Do you want to assign spaces to Cost Center?
23        Do tou want automatic Space Assignment?
24        Do you Assign one employee to multiple locations?
25        What are the Critical details captured for the leases?
26        What are the types of leases entered into? Gross Lease or Net lease.
27        What are the type of lease classes entered into? Direct, Third Party and Sub Lease.
28        Do you use Master Lease and Child leases?
29        What are the billing as well as payment terms?
30        What are the different services that are provided or availled under lease agreement?
31        How rent is calculated for the leases?
32        Is the Lease Numbering Manual or Automatic?
33        Who authorizes the Payment as well as billing schedule for the Leases for creation of invoices in AP and AR?
34        Who makes the amendment to the Lease Agrement?
35        What are the GL Account used for thr Different Expense Classes (Revenue, Receivable and Accrued Asset)?
36        Who all are the parties to the Lease? Please give the list of the all the contacts for the relevant leases?
37        Who Approves the lease defination?
38        Who can Edit the Lease Information?
39        Are there any milestones attached for the leases?
40        Do you have multiple locations under the same lease?
41        Do you have rights and obligations under the lease?
42        Do you have the options under the lease agreement?
43        Do you have leases for which you pay lease rentals?
44        What are the milestones of your lease rental cycle?
45        Do you maintain mandatory and/or optional reviews in your lease rental cycle for credit risk, legal compliance, and/or other approvals?
46        Do you automatically determine the general ledger accounts for  specific transactions (i. e. receivables, freight, tax, unearned revenue, unbilled receivables, etc.) during Invoice Entry?
47        How do you receive notice to create/generate an invoice to bill a customer?
48        How do you link the specific properties that you manage, with general ledger accounts at Invoice Entry?
49        Do you regularly invoice customers for the same items?
50        How are the revenue, receivable and tax accounts configured for each lease type?
51        Do you bill customers in a foreign currency?
52        How many invoice types do you have? Provide invoice samples.
53        How frequently do you invoice your customers?
54        How do you track rental revenue on invoices? How is it reported?
55        How do you number your invoices?
56        Where are your rental schedules maintained?
57        What items appear on your invoices? (Rent, Electricity and Insurance)
58        Can payment terms be assigned at the invoice level?
59        How do you calculate your tax charges?  What are the rates?
60        How do you keep your tax rate information up to date?
61        Are there any other foreign currency issues regarding invoice generation? If so please categorize the issues and describe them.
62        Are there businesses in  different  GL Set of Books has you will need to invoice ?  If so please list out these business and their differentiating aspects.
63        Do you regularly invoice customers for the same items?  If so please provide examples.
64        Do you require taxes to be established for use when preparing invoices?  If so please describe how.
65        Do you validate the tax rate against a Customer’s address when preparing invoices?    If so please describe how.
66        How are the revenue, receivable, freight and tax accounts configured for each invoice type?
67        How do you number your invoices?
68        What are all prerequisites to invoicing?
69        What are the units of measure you use when you bill customers for rentals?
70        What are the invoice grouping rules requirement for the invoices related to Lease rentals?
71        Provide an overview of Property Manager related invoice processing.
72        Are Propert manager invoicing processes documented?
73        Are these Propert Manger processes that should be changed, streamlined or eliminated?
74        How many rental invoices are canceled in a month?
75        How many rental invoices do you send in a month?
76        Do you ever recognize revenue from a single transaction over multiple periods?
77        When do you recognize revenue?
78        How many General Ledger accounts do you distribute to (Revenue and Receivables)?
79        When do you create or recognize outstanding receivables?
80        Do you have special revenue recognition for long-term agreements?
81        Do you index the rent? If yes, so on what basis.
82        Please provide the Index history?
83        How often do you increase the rent?
84        Are any contsraints used for the rent increase?
85        What is the criteria used for calculating Annualized basis for rent indexing? Fixed Basis Calculation, Rolling Basis Calculation and Compound basis calulation.
86        How the rent increase factor is calculated? Index Only, Basis Only, Greater of and lesser of.
87        How do you allocate the rent Increase?
88        Do you calculate Variable or fixed rent?
89        How do you invoice and report on Variable Rent?
90        Do you normalize your variable rent?
91        Do you enter Deductions for calculating variable rent?
92        Do you enter constraint for calculating variable rent?
93        How are adjustments to closed periods handled?
94        How often do you adjust rental invoices?
95        How often do you cancel rental invoices?
96        What are the reasons for canceled rental invoices?
97        What are your policies and procedures about canceling rental invoices?
98        How often do you "post" information to your General ledger?
99        Do you post (or wish to post) in detail or in summary to the general ledger?
100      How often do you "post" information to your General ledger?
101      Do you post (or wish to post) in detail or in summary to the general ledger?
102      Do you allow posting invoices back to prior periods?
103      If you have multiple organizations, do they all close at the same time or separately?
104      What reports do you currently generate for Rental Revenue and Revenue tracking? Provide samples including frequency and distribution.
105      What is the requirement Company Number Generation?
106      What is the requirement for Recovery Agreement Number Generation?
107      What is the requirement for Recovery Area Class Number Generation?
108      What is the requirement for Recovery Expense ClassNumber Generation?
109      What is the requirement for Recovery Expense Number Generation?
110      What is the requirement for Rent Increase Number Generation?
111      What is the requirement for Lease Number Generation?
112      What is the requirement for Variable Rent Number Generation?
113      Do you want to Allow Tenancy Overlap Within Lease?
114      Do you want to allow Automatic Space Distribution?
115      Do you want to allow Calculate Annualized Basis for Index Rent?
116      What should be Default Landlord/Tenant View?
117      What should be Default Location Areas for Lease?
118      What should be Extend Index Rent Terms Upon Lease Extension?
119      What Should be the Location Code Seperator?
120      Do you want to allow Multiple Tenancy Lease for same location?
121      Do you want to allow Allow Tenancy Overlap within Lease for different customers?
122      What are the requirements for Milestones?
123      What are your different Reporting Currencies?
124      In how many organization property manager will be implemented?

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