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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oracle Reports2.5 Important Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can you have an or condition when you are linking 2 queries ?
E.g. Query  1- deptno,ename,sal - query 2- salgrade,hisal,losal

2.If you then specified a link between sal and hisal, then another link between sal and losal this presumably would setup the report to show:

3.Where sal >= losal and sal <= hisal

4.But if you really wanted a report to show:

5.Where sal <= losal or sal >= hisal

6.You just can't change the signs around otherwise you would get:

7.Where sal <= losal and sal >= hisal

8.Which would return zero rows.

9.Can this be done ?

10.When i create a link between queries, does the link have to be an equi-join ?

11.What are the differences between lexical and bind parameters

12.What is a 'break group' and how do you create one ?

13.What is the difference in using a group filter vs maximum rows?

14.I have a report with approx. 16 queries.  Each query is contained in it's own group frame in the
layout.  When i run the report, each group after the first page starts printing half way down the page. How do i fix this ?

15.Is there an easy way to have the odd page numbers appear on the right side of the report page and the even page numbers to appear on the left side of the report page so when you put the pages together like a book they will appear on the correct side ?

16.When doing a master detail report, the default layout creates a layout where the detail group is below and to the right of the master group.

17.Is there a setting i can change so that the detail objects are offset just a little bit to the right of the master group?  We have a lot of reports with 4 or 5 deep master/details and currently have to move them all back manually ?

18.Can the cells of a matrix contain a dynamic number of values, so that the vertical/horizontal size of the cell is determined at runtime according to the number of values corresponding to this cell (of course the corresponding group with print direction down/across would also have to expand vertically/horizontally)?

19.Is there a way to change the same format mask in a lot of fields in one step?

20.What is a "printable area" and how can i view it? ?

21.The response time when making a change or moving an object in the layout editor is very slow.  What can i do to improve performance?

22.Is it possible from the layout editor to see implicit anchors?

23.When exactly does the before report trigger fire?

24.Will the before report trigger be the first trigger fired?  It appears so from the order the triggers are listed in the object navigator?

25.Does reports 2.5 support the concept of timers, like graphics?  If so how?  Would this be a function of the operating system batch process only?

26.What are the "tradeoffs" of using attached libraries vs local PL/SQL ?

27.Many of my program units are very SQL intensive.  Would i get better performance if they resided on the server or client

28.How can i create an ASCII output file with oracle reports?

29.Can oracle reports2.5 actually pass Information to and/or create bar codes?  If so how?   If not,is a third party tool available that works in conjunction with reports2.5? (e.g.. For medical id bracelets)?

30.Can reports2.5 be used to create tape file format type reports (with header records, detail records, trailer records)

31.Is there any conversion utility that can be used to migrate from SQL*report(rpt) to oracle reports?

32.Is it possible to upgrade directly from SQL*reportwriter 1.1 to reports 2.5 ?

33.On windows during the same session if i print several reports from oracle forms each time r20run.exe is started.  Is it possible to keep r20run.exe in memory similar to oracle graphics batch engine ?

34.What oracle.ini parameter is used on windows to search for any external files used by my report (e.g. Rdf/rep files,.SQL,.lib or image files) ?

35.What oracle.ini parameter is used on windows to redirect where temporary files are created ?

36.What type of ole2 support does reports 2.5 have ?

37.Must a run_product call always be handled by the reports server on ms-windows ?

38.How can i create an ASCII report that will print landscape?

39.Is pcl5 supported in reports 2.5? If not, when will it be supported?

40.Recently i had a customer asking about out postscript capabilities. They questions are:

41.If we generate postscript code ?

42.Using the wysiwyg editor, does the report print to a postscript printer exactly the way it looks
on the screen?

43.Why don't i see the reports progress dialog box when a run_product to reports is issued from forms?

44.Why when calling a report from forms do you still get the parameter form with a destype=screen when the report was designed with a default value of destype=printer ?

45.Why does my embedded graphics display sometimes look unreadable ? It appears to have shrunken the size of the display to point where for the user it is unreadable.

46.How does one pass parameters (e.g. Data ranges) to reports2.5 running in batch mode?

47.Other than the database limits, does reports.5 have any type of query limits?  I know about what the database can do and the operating systems specific things.

48.What guidelines are out there for setting up batch processing of reports so that it can be as operating system independent as possible?  We need the ability, if desired, to move the application/batch processing from rs6000 aix to mvs and back!!

49.Are there any facilities to restart a report that was stopped in the middle of processing for whatever reason?

50.Is there anyway to programmatically disable the print button in the previewer?

51.Is it possible to at runtime programmatically maximize the previewer window and determine the x/y coordinates?

52.Is there any way in reports 2.0 or 2.5 to trap all errors in order to display your own error message, similar to the on-error and on-message triggers in forms ?

53.Do i need to install the product specific tables for reports ?

54.What are placeholder columns in report?

55.How do you print a character mode report?

56.In a break report how can you shift to next page in the same value?

57.Can you have dynamic report query? If yes, how?

58.How can you print in bold or compressed fashion?

59.What are SRW packages?

60.Can you include a PL/SQL block in another PL/SQL block.

61.How do suppress index using in a where clause

62.How do you get the sources of database processes

63.What are the pros and cons of basing a base table on a view rather than on a base table

64.What are triggers

65.What is a host array

66.What is an indicator variable.

67.What is dynamic SQL

68.When should one use and not use indexes

69.How do you develop a master detail report

70.What are the advantages of reports 2.0 over pro*c

71.What are the disadvantages of reports 2.0 over pro*c

72.Which is the most complex report that you have used.

73.What is anchoring ?

74.What are format triggers ?

75.What is a user exit ?

76.How can you increase the performance of reports ?

77.How you print a break report?

78.How do I call reports from forms ?

79.What are the various parameters of run_product built-in ?

80.What are lexical parameters ?

81.What is a complex report that you have done ?
82.What are the prerequisites of a matrix report ?

83.Can you call report from report? How if yes? If No Why?

84.How do you go about optimizing report? What all is required to be done?
If u are showing experience on paper in APPS then u may have to list the modifications in the report , forms & justify the same

85.How to implement the break logic reports?

86.What is SQL.pno

87. What is page 0. What is it used for

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