Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oracle Reports Important Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many types of Columns are there in Reports6i?
Answer :  Three
There are three types of Columns. Formula Column, summary column,
 placeholder column.

2.can you have more than one layout in One Report?
Answer : It is possible to have more than one layout in one
Report by using additional layout option in Layout Editor.

3.can you run Report without Parameter Form?
Answer :-  YES
Yes it is possible to run the report without parameter form by setting the PARAM value to Null

4.What are the minimum number of groups required for a matrix report?
Answer : 4
The minimum of groups required for a matrix report are 4

5. Which of the following Option is valid for Panel/Print Order Property in Report Builder?
   Answer : Across Down/Down Across

6. What is default Unit of Measurement in Report?
Answer : Inch
Default Unit of measurement is Inch.

7. How many types of Parameters are available in Reports?
Answer : Two
There are two types of Parameters available in Reports
One is System Parameter and another is User Parameter.

8. What is the purpose of PlaceHolder Column in Report?
Answer : A column for which you set the datatype and value in
 PL/SQL that you define. 

9. What is the purpose of Summary Column in Reports?
Answer : A performs a computation on another column's data.

10. What is the purpose of Formula Columns?
Answer : A column performs a user-defined computation on another column(s) data, including placeholder columns.

11. Which of the following Procedures displays message number and text that you specify?
This procedure displays a message with the message number and text that you specify.  The message is displayed in the format below.  After the message is raised and you accept it, the report execution will continue.

12. What are bind variables?
Ans:-Variable  that are used to replace a single value in SQL or PL/SQL, such as a character string, number, or date.  Specifically, bind references may be used to replace expressions in SELECT, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, HAVING, CONNECT BY, and START WITH clauses of queries.  Bind references may not be referenced in FROM clauses or in place of reserved words or clauses.

13. Can lexical reference be made in PL/SQL statement?
Answer : No

14. Following of which trigger will fire first?
Before Parameter Form

15. Is there a way to change the same format mask in a lot of fields in one step?
A. Yes
Answer : A
Select all the Items and change the format mask for all the item once.

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