Friday, March 16, 2012

Substitutions and Customizations and Controller Extensions

Substitutions and Customizations
· Get the AM/VO that needs to be customized to your local machine.
· Get the .class files from Application server
· Get .xml files using jdr_utils.exportdocuments / from Functional
Administrator Responsibility.
· Create a project with the fetched files
· Automatically .jpx file gets created for the project
· Extend the existing AM/VO fulfilling the requirement
· Right click it navigate to substitutions
· Map the existing AM/VO to the extended and click on Add button
· Run the following script to import the substitutions to MDS server
DBUSERNAME -password DBPASSWORD -dbconnection "(description =
(address_list = (address = (protocol = tcp)(host = DBHOSTNAME)(port =
DBPORTNUMBER)))(connect_data = (sid = DBSID)))"

Controller Extensions:
· Create a new Controller extending the existing controller
· Upload the class file to server
· Open the OAF page for which the controller to be customized
· Click on personalize page
· Click on expand all
· Identify the root region for which Controller file is mapped
· Click on personalize link
· At site level add path of the customized controller file
· Click on apply

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