Friday, March 16, 2012

Development and Deployment of OAF application

1. Develop the OAF application

2. Move the application to respective path ($JAVA_TOP) of Application
Server thru FTP in Default Mode

3. Move only .class files in binary mode again.

4. Run command prompt, change to the directory

5. Run following command for all UI OA objects like Page, Region, (.xml) ...
DBUSERNAME -password DBPASSWORD - rootdir
CLASSPATHOFTHEPROJECT -dbconnection "(description =
(address_list = (address = (protocol = tcp)(host = DBHOSTNAME)(port =
DBPORT)))(connect_data = (sid = DBSID)))"

6. After getting successful message of importing,
Access the respective page or region using following URL:
else you can register the OAF page call as FND function as follows and
call it as mentioned below.

7. Registering FND function for calling OAF page:

8. Login into Application using Application Developer or Sys Administrator
Navigate to Application Front End.
System Administrator/Application Developer.
Application--> Function
Input Function, Function name, Description
Click on properties tab
Select type as SSWA jsp function
Click on Web HTML
Input following text in HTML Call
Save the page.

9. To test whether the OAF page is registered in MDS repository, execute
following script at sql prompt.
set serveroutput on;
exec jdr_utils.printDocument('MDSPAGEPATH');

10. Add this function name to the menu of any OAF responsibility from which
you want to call the OAF page.
Or you can directly access it as

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