Sunday, October 2, 2011

Deployment of OA Framework Tutorials in APPS Environment

Components developed using JDeveloper can be migrated onto instance using the following simple steps.
1. DB objects creation
2. Copy the class files to custom top.
3. Importing MDS repository (UI related files)
4. Registration of the page Oracle Apps environment

1. DB objects creation:
Create an sql script that has the commands for creation of all the tables, synonyms and triggers (if there are any). In the exercise we just have xx_contacts table. Create a sql script file containing the following script and run it on DB using apps access. In case if we create the table with custom access, then there should be a public synonym created on the table.
CREATE TABLE xx_contacts ( contact_id NUMBER
, first_name VARCHAR2(100)
, last_name VARCHAR2(100)
, email_address VARCHAR2(100)
, mobile_phone VARCHAR2(100)
, home_phone VARCHAR2(100)
, created_by NUMBER
, creation_date DATE
, last_update_by NUMBER
, last_updated_dateDATE
, last_update_login NUMBER);

2. Copy class files to custom top:
The xml and java class files for VOs, AMs etc are created in myclasses folder within the complete directory path. In the exercise that we have worked, these files are located at C:\jdev\jdevbin\jdev\myclasses\oracle\apps\inv\ctc\server\
EO related files are created in folder C:\jdev\jdevbin\jdev\myclasses\oracle\apps\inv\ctc\schema\server\ .
The controller (CO) java class is located at C:\jdev\jdevbin\jdev\myclasses\oracle\apps\inv\ctc\webui\ .
Copy these files to $XX_TOP\java\classes\oracle\apps\...

This migration process can be done using WinSCP

3. Importing MDS repository:
For any MDS files we need to import them to the database JDR tables. Unlike many of the applications, OA Applications store the MDS (UI) files in the databse in xml format. To import these MDS files to the instance run the following import scripts.

import C:\jdev\jdevbin\jdev\myprojects\oracle\apps\inv\ctc\webui\ContactsPG.xml -username apps -password apps -rootdir C:\jdev\jdevbin\jdev\myprojects -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=)(PORT=)) (CONNECT_DATA= (SERVICE_NAME=SID) (INSTANCE_NAME=SID)))"

With successful import a message is displayed
Import Completed.

4. Registration of the page Oracle Apps environment
Create a function to access the Contacts page.

Enter Properties (Tab) Type as SSWA jsp function, and for WebHTML provide OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/inv/ctc/webui/ContactsPG

Add this function to a responsibility. Logon to the application using this responsibility and click on the function created above to see the following output.

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