Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Report Registration Steps:

Report Registration Steps:
1)Develop the report (.rdf)as per client Requirement by using reports 6i Builder

2)Move the report from Local mechine into Server
CUS_TOP\11.5.0\Reports\US\ .rdf
PO_TOP\11.5.0\Reports\US\ .rdf

3)Select System Administrator and create EXECUTABLE
1)Executable Name
3)Execution Method
4)Report(.rdf) file Name

4)Create Concurrent Program and attach 1)EXECUTABLE
5)Create Request Group and attach Concurrent Program

6)Create Responsibility 1)Request Group
2)Data Group
7)Create user, attach Responsibility to the user.

8)User will select the Responsibility and goto SRS(Standard Request Submission) Window
submit the Request.


Executable = Concurrent=>Program=>Executable
Concurrent Program = Concurrent=>Program=>Define
Request Group = Security=>Responsibility=>Request
Responsibility = Security=>responsibility=>Define
User = Security=>User=>Define
SRS Window = View Menu=>Request =>Submit New request=>Ok=>Select Program
=>Submit=>No=>Find=>View Output

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