Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Report Navigation Explanations

Executable : We can enter any User Defined Name in this field
ShortName : This is Primary key we have to enter Unique value
ApplicationName : Enter The Applications Name where the (.rdf) file is located
Description : It is Optional we can enter any valid Information
Execution Method : we have total 11 types of Execution methods select
"Oracle Reports" for Report Development.
Execution File Name : Enter the (.rdf) File Name without extension Name.

If we know the Application Short Name we can find the Application name
by using following Navigation

Application =>Register=>Press F11=> Enter short Name => Press CTRL+F11

Concurrent Program Window:
Program : We can enter any User defined Program Name which is meaningful
Enabled Check Box : Once the Concurrent Program is created and saved We can not delete
Instead of delete we can disable by unchecking this check box.
ShortName : This is Primary key we have to enter Unique value
Application Name : We can enter Any Valid Application Name
Description : It is Optional we can enter any valid Information
EXECUTABLE : Enter the "Executable Short Name" whatever we have created
Method : System will automatically retrives the Execution MEthod.

Format : we can select whatever the format we would like to print

Ex: HTML (.html)Internet Explorer
pdf (.pdf) Acrobat Reader
Postscript (.ps) GhostView
text (.txt) Text Pad
PCL HP Printer Language
XML (.xml) XML Publisher

Save check Box : System will save the Output and Log file details in the server
COLUMNS : No of Columns to print per page in the Output file
ROWS : No of Rows to print per page in the Output file


Request Group :
Request group is nothing but collection of Concurrent Programs and Reports we can group
All concurrent Programs.
Group : Enter Any User Defined Name (This is Case sensitive we have to maintain Capital and
Small Letters)

Application Name :Enter Any Valid Application Name

Attach Concurrent Program by select type as Program.

Responsibility Window:

Responsibility is nothing but Level of Authority which Combines Forms,Report and Application
User ID's.

Reponsibility Name : we can enter any meaningful Name
ApplicatioName :Enter any Valid Application Name
ResponsibilityKey :This is Primary enter the Unique Value

Data Group:
data Group is nothing but Collection of Oracle Application UserID's.
it will be for Security purpose.(STANDARD will be used)
Application NAme :Enter any Valid Application Name

Request Group:
Requset group is nothing but colletion of Concurrent Program
add the request group whatever we have created.
it will automatically retrieves the Application NAme.

Menu : Menu is nothing but collection of Forms and Sub Menus
select any one of Existing Menu.

Note : Once we create the Responsibility we can not delete instead of that we can disable
by using Efective start Date and End date.

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