Friday, January 5, 2018

Oracle Fusion Smart View Setup Training Manual

Smart View enables you to download the analysis (OTBI Reports) from the BI catalog and view them in Microsoft Office applications like Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

We can also create a new analysis with OTBI content and upload new analysis back to the BI catalog.

Smart View uses a Microsoft Office interface designed for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle Fusion Financials products. When working with report packages in Smart View, we can:
  • Author doclets using familiar Microsoft Office tools to access and work with data without having to download and work on them locally.
  • Complete review and sign off tasks for report packages.
  • Perform complex analyses on your data.

Installing, Setting up and Working with Smart View
1.      (N) Navigator > Tools > Reports and Analytics

2.      Click on Browse Catalog icon

3.      On BI Answer Page, Click on Home

4.      Under Get Started section, select “Smart View for MS Office” from “Download BI Desktop Tools” list

5.      Below url page will open from where Latest Version of Smart View can be downloaded

6.      Save the zip file at local drive, unzip it and install Smart View while using SmartView application from unzipped folder

7.      Once Smart View is installed, next time when MS Excel, MS Word or PowerPoint opens, there will be added menu “Smart View”

8.      Select Smart View from Menu and click on Panel

9.      Select Private Connections

10.  Click on Create New Connection

11.  Select Oracle BI EE as new connection provider type

12.  Provide the URL as http(s)://<ServerName>/analytics/jbips

13.  We can use the URL from Oracle BI catalog page

14.  Here replace the text after analytics/ with jbips
https://<ServerName>/analytics/saw.dll?catalog       -- Replace saw.dll?catalog
https://<ServerName>/analytics/jbips                          -- with jbips

15.  Login with your Fusion user credentials 

16.  And then connect to Data Source with your Fusion user credentials

17.  Give your desired name of your private connection

18.  Once Connection created and connected, we can see the same folder structure is visible in Excel as in BI Catalog page in Fusion

Now we are ready to work with Smart View
19.  Right click on ‘Catalog Root’ and select ‘Create New View’

20.  It opens the View Designer Window where Subject Areas are available in left side and designer window in right side

21.  As an example, to create New Analysis through Smart View, select Payables Invoices – Transactions Real Time subject area and drag desired columns from folders to designing window and click Ok

22.  It created the Analysis in Excel

23.  To move it to BI Catalog, select Publish View under ORACLE BI EE menu and select your folder under which want to save the Analysis.

24.  Once Analysis is saved to catalog, we can see the Analysis in Fusion as well.

25.  Click on Open

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