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Oracle CPQ Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials


To add items (parts) to a configuration, Recommended Item rules are used. Which two statements are true when using Recommended Item rules?

A.   Recommended Item rules can return only the base price of an item (part) and cannot use dynamic prices based off data tables.

B.  If multiple Recommended Item rules recommend the same item (part), the item (part) price is picked from the rule that is last in the order.

C.   If multiple Recommended Item rules return the same item (part), the quantity of the item (part) is a total of all quantities returned by each rule.
D.   Recommended Item rules can show only the base prices defined in the customer specific module.

Answer: B, D



Which Configuration Flow would you choose to design a Configurator where attributes very based on prior user selections and have a sequential relationship consisting of distinct steps?

A.  Multi Node Configuration Flow

B.  Search Flow

C.  Master Start and End Flow

D.   any Configuration Flow with a combination of Constraint and Hiding rules that meets requirements

Answer: A


Which two statements are true about the integration of BigMachines (without middleware) with external ERP systems?

A.  The ERP system should support exchange of XML data.

B.  BigMachines can call ERP systems without using BML.

C.   Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) can be used to build an XML request that is sent to ERP systems.

D.  You need two BigMachines actions: one to send a request to an ERP system and another to receive a valid response.
E.    Calling an ERP system does not require authentication of any kind.

Answer: B, C


Identify the object of the BigMachines Managed Package app that is used for initial setup and that allows you to make changes to integration preferences in Salesforce.

A.  BigMachines Quotes

B.  BigMachines Site Setup

C.  Filed Mapping

D.  BigMachines Commerce Process Setup

Answer: A

Reference: (page 53)


Oracle CPQ Cloud provides integration guides for some applications. Identify two such applications.


B.  Microsoft Dynamics

C.  Oracle Sales Cloud

D.  Oracle On Demand

Answer: A, C



Which two statements are true about parts integration?

A. A BigMachines parts database can be integrated only with Salesforce. B. BigMachines or a third-party system can be used to maintain parts data.

C.     Salesforce cannot store parts as products, so you must store parts and price book associations in BigMachines.
D.  BigMachines can support parts integration with any system via FTP upload.

Answer: A, B


How should administrator set up a conditional restriction for access to a Product Family?

A.  by writing a Constraint rule at the Product Family level

B.  by hiding the model punch-in on the home page by using JavaScript

C.    by setting up a restricted profile and user group in Commerce and Hiding the add, reconfigure, and delete product options
D.  by providing conditional access criteria in the Restricted Access section of the Home Page setup

Answer: D


A document is mostly in English but has a specific section where the content varies and can have a different language. What are two recommended options for implementing this?

A.   Build each page in as many languages as needed. Have a condition to print a page only when the language to print matches the language of the page.
B.   On each page, create verbiage in every language required. Use complex conditionals with IF/ELSE statements to return the verbiage in the selected language.

C.   Build a table where each row has a snippet in a specific language and has a condition to display it only when the selected language matches the language of the snippet.

D.  Use Text Administration to store the multiple values.

Answer: C, D


In which two locations are the keywords for mobile approval or rejection of quotes defined when setting up approvals?

A.  Submit sub-action - Approve

B.  Submit sub-action Reject

C.  Submit sub-action Submit for Approval

D.  Mobile Approval Email Notification

Answer: A, C


What is the size limit of an array set in Configuration?

A.                350

B.                unlimited

C.                200

D.                1000

Answer: D


What happens if an Array control attribute is not added to the layout of a configurator?

A.  The configuration rules will fail to fire.

B.  The Array will always show 200 rows.

C.  The system will automatically assign an Array control attribute.

D.  The entire Array set will be hidden.

Answer: C


Which operation is allowed in BMQL query?





Answer: B



A customer maintains a high-volume data table, which holds the discounts that are applicable to products. The discount information is needed in various sections in the pricing function to calculate line item prices. It has been identified that the data table queries to fetch the discounts are significantly degrading the performance of the Commerce pricing function. Which option will improve performance?

A.  splitting the function into multiple Util library functions

B.  splitting the function into multiple Commerce library functions

C.  performing one BMQL query for the data table, storing the results in dictionaries, retrieving the values from the dictionaries, and using them wherever needed
D.  indexing the Util library functions

Answer: C


A new user group has been created in the development environment. Which approach would you use to migrate this new user group to the production environment?

A.  Migrate Commerce to the production environment.

B.  Migrate new user groups to the production environment.

C.  Manually create the new user groups in the production environment.

D.  Migrate the new users to the production environment.

Answer: B


When using Web Services 1.0, consider the following sequence of a client system calling BigMachines WebServices.

1.  Call Security Login WebServices with User ID and Password.

2.   Create a Commerce updateTransaction WebServices call by using an existing transaction ID.

3.  Make the following updates in the web service XML:

·  Set Session ID

·  Set "_snipTo_first_name" to "myName". 4. Submit the WebService call.
5. Call Security Logout WebServices with the Session ID to close the session. Based on the given sequence, which two statements are true?

A.  The Commerce transaction should be updated with the new Ship To name.

B.  The session will still be open.

C.  Step 3 does not specify an action to execute; therefore, nothing is updated in the transaction.

D.  The call in step 4 will throw an error.

E.    Step 5 is unnecessary; Session ID is not needed to log out.

Answer: A, C


Which statement is false about FTP (File Transfer Protocol) processing in CPQ Cloud BigMachines tool?

A.   You must list files in the order in which they should be processed in the upload_list.xml file.

B.  FTP uploads are processing every 60 minutes.

C.  You must upload files to the automated folder on the FTP server.

D.   You can use the Bulk Data service to extract the CSV file format and upload it via FTP automation.

Answer: C


While designing the integration of a BigMachines quote with an external Order Management System, you need to make sure that the quote is submitted as an Order on a single-action-click from within BigMachines. Which three statements are true given this requirement?

A. The Order Management System will need to initiate the Submit Order call on the click of a button within its own system.

B.  The BigMachines quote will initiate the Submit Order call on the click of a button from the quote.
C.  The BigMachines quote will perform an updateTransaction() API call to send quote data in response to a valid request from the Order Management System.

D.  The Order Management System will perform a getTransaction() API call to fetch quote data in response to a valid request from the BigMachines quote.

E.    TransactionID of a quote is a key during the Order submission process.

Answer: A, B, C


Which two attribute types support the Auto Update feature?

A.  Text

B.  Menu

C.  Text Area

D.  Boolean

Answer: A, D


What is the correct order of execution of Configuration rules for an attribute that has both Recommendation and Constraint rule written on it?

A.  Hiding, Constraint, Recommendation, Recommended Item

B.  Recommendation, Recommended Item, Hiding, Constraint

C.  Recommendation, Constraint, Recommendation, Hiding, Recommended Item

D.  Constraint, Hiding, Recommendation, Recommended Item

Answer: A


A client wants customers to be able to select a laptop category from a drop-down list in the product configuration section. After the laptop category is selected, all laptops within that category need to be displayed without the user having to do any more selections. Which option meets this requirement?

A.  Formula Administration

B.  Util library function

C.  Commerce library function

D.  Auto Update

Answer: B


Along with Part Number, Quantity, and Price, you also want to send additional details from Config to Commerce by using a Recommended Item rule. How would you achieve this?

A.  Pass the additional details by storing them in a Price Book.

B.  This is not feasible. Only Part Number, Quantity, and Price can be passed from Config to Commerce by using Recommended Item rules.

C.  Use the Comment field to pass additional details.

D.  Concatenate the additional details to Part Number.

Answer: A


How can a user be restricted from removing line items that are added to the configuration through a Recommended Item rule?

A.  Add an Advanced Validation rule on Delete Main Doc Action.

B.  Ensure that all parts are coming from a "mandatory" Recommended Item rule.

C.  Write a Constraint rule to throw a runtime error on the Delete Action event.

D.  Use CSS to hide the check box on Line Grid.

Answer: A


An admin tries to change the document views on an attribute from a participant profile under transition rules. But the attribute is not listed in the list of attributes that are available for editing. What are the two causes for this behavior?

A.  The attribute is not added to the layout.

B.  The attribute is being referenced in an active Hiding rule.

C.  The attribute is hidden on the attribute details page.

D.  The attribute is a system attribute.

Answer: A, B


Identify a situation in which the Add to Quote button will be displayed in the configuration page, after the configuration flow is executed for the first time.

A.  when there are no active constraint rules and the configuration flow has this page defined as End Node

B.  when the configuration flow has this page defined as Transition Node

C.   when there are active constraint rules and the configuration flow has this page defined as End Node
D.  when there are no missing parts in Recommended Items

Answer: C


How is the size of an Array set defined?

A.  by adding a text attribute to the Array set

B.  by adding an Integer attribute to the Array set

C.  by adding a control attribute to the Array set

D.  by adding a Float attribute to the Array set

Answer: C


When a recommendation rule increases the size of an array by setting the array size control attribute, and the user modifies an array type attribute in a new row of the array whose value was set (using set, not force set) by a recommendation rule upon the update when the size of the array was increased, the attribute retains the user-entered value upon update.


Consider the following requirements for integration with Salesforce: Quote information needs to be pushed back to Salesforce and synchronized.
You must be able to synchronize a Quote with up to 1000 lines back to Opportunity Product object in Sales force.

Based on these requirements, which three XSLs would you use to provide the integration?

A.  SFDC Opportunity - Import

B.  SFDC Quote - Upsert

C.  SFDC Products Upsert All (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000)

D.  SFDC Quote Process Updates

E.    SFDC Opportunity - Upload

Answer: C, D, E


There are two single-select attributes in an Array set. The first single-select attribute shows a list of countries and the second shows a list of states. How can you show relevant states based on a chosen country?

A.  You can accomplish this by creating a Constraint rule for each country in the drop-down list by using Simple Conditions and by selecting valid states for the Action attribute of the rule. In this case, the number of rules will be equal to the number of countries in the list.

B.   You can accomplish this by loading all country and state combinations in a data table and writing a Constraint rule to lookup the data table.

C.  You can accomplish this by creating Hiding rules for each country with Simple Conditions, and then selecting valid states for the Action attribute. In this case, the number of Hiding rules will be equal to the number of countries.

D.  You can accomplish this by using the Hiding rule, which is the only possible option because Arrays do not support Constraint rules.

Answer: C


A Commerce Validation rule has been used to show an error message if the End Date entered in a quote is earlier than the Start Date. What action needs to be performed to run the specified Validation rule?

A. The Save action must be performed.

B.  The Submit action must be performed.

C.  The action that is specified in the Validation rule must be performed.

D.  The rule runs on its own without any additional user action.

Answer: B


Identify the data type that is returned by a BMQL statement.

A.  String Array

B.  String Dictionary

C.  RecordSet

D.  delimited string with field names and corresponding value pairs

Answer: D


Which option is true about the BMQL statements in a library function?

A.   BMQL statements can query both user-created and system-defined data tables by using a single query.
B.  BMQL statements can query both user-created and system-defined data tables by using two separate queries.

C.  BMQL statements can query only system-defined data tables.

D.  BMQL statements can query only user-defined data tables.

Answer: B


When designing an integration with an ERP system, you need to communicate with a third party integration tool (such as a middleware or a hub). Which two statements are true about a middleware in this scenario?

A.  The third party tool cannot be configured to modify the XML for better communication.

B.  The third party tool can transform incoming XML as well as outgoing XML when it comes to communicating with applications.

C.    A request from BigMachines can reach the ERP system even if there is an error in processing the request with the third party tool.
D.  A third party tool calls BigMachines to get valid authentication.

E.    BigMachines needs to pass any necessary authentication to the third party tool.

Answer: C, D


You have inserted a bookmark link in your document. However, you would like to modify the bookmark link text. How will you achieve this?

A.   Edit the bookmark link by double-clicking the Edit icon, and then changing the text as needed.

B.  Delete the existing bookmark link by double-clicking the "X" icon, and then re-adding the bookmark link with the new text.

C.  After it is added, a bookmark link cannot be modified or deleted. Therefore, you need to be sure about the bookmark link text.

D.  Replace the bookmark by using the Edit icon, and then insert new text as needed.

Answer: A


Which attribute type cannot be displayed on the line item grid?

A.  HTML attributes

B.  attributes used in Formulas

C.  text attribute

D.  single-select menu attributes

Answer: A


What are three testing strategies for Oracle SPQ Cloud BigMachines?

A.  Test cases should be directly linked to business requirements.

B.  Avoid using a test case tracking tool because it is time consuming to track all of the testing

team's efforts.

C.  Perform isolated tests as well as intra-system and cross-system integration tests.

D.  Create specific test data for accounts, opportunities, and contracts in Saleforce and use that data to perform end-to-end tests for BigMachines quotes.

Answer: A, C, D


Which is an important consideration for using BML in a constraint rule, when implementing a configurator?

A.  BML must always be used every time the constraint rule requires the use of a data table.

B.  BML should never be used with constraint rules.

C.  BML should only be used in the constraint rule input condition.

D.  BML should only be used when it reduces the number of rules and contains complexity that cannot be addressed using the rule UI options.

Answer: D


Which is a recommended option for using Oracle CPQ Cloud SPQ Cloud BigMachines Web Services?

A.  Hard code URLs into BML when making GET and POST calls.

B.  Store XML templates in file manager and use them from within BML.

C.  Make WebServices calls directly from the rules.

D.  Save and reuse session IDs regularly.

Answer: B


Which three Configuration rules support table-based lockups?

A.  Constraint rule

B.  Hiding rule

C.  Recommendation rule

D.  Recommended Item rule

E.    Configuration Flow rule

Answer: B, D, E


In which three scenarios are XSL Snippets preferred over the attributes that are available in the Dynamic Data Section?

A.  parsing data

B.  referencing data directly from a quote

C.  showing information from files stored in the file manager

D.  showing configuration array attribute values

Answer: A, B, C


What are two ways to create parts data?

A.  Use a data table.

B.  Use the Bulk Upload process.

C.  Use a BML function.

D.  Perform manual entry.

Answer: A, C


You want to run a Constraint rule only when an action is performed by a user. Which two options are true?

A.  You can implement the requirement by using a timer.

B.  You can implement the requirement by invoking the Constraint rule from the action.

C.  Constraint rules are Ajax-based and there is no option to disable Ajax in Commerce rules.

D.  You can use Validation rules because it better serves the purpose.

Answer: A, B


Which is an invalid Commerce rule type?

A.  Constraint rule

B.  Recommendation rule

C.  Hiding rule

D.  Validation rule

Answer: B


Which statement is false about a Product Family after it is deployed?

A.  The Product Family can be removed.

B.  Product lines can be added to the Product Family.

C.  The Product Family can be renamed.

D.  The Product Family can have Models added to its Product Lines.

Answer: C


While configuring a product, which pricing is applied last on a given item (part) after it is added to a valid configuration?

A.  Recommended Item Pricing

B.  Base Price from the parts database

C.  List price from the PriceBook

D.  Attribute Value Pricing

Answer: A


What happens when a part number is added to a configuration without a price definition?

A.  The part will not be selected if the "Hide missing spares" option is selected but the user will be able to add it to a quote.

B.   The part will not be recommended if the "Hide missing spares" option is selected and the user will not be able to add it to a quote.
C.   The part will be added with a red "X" next to it if the "Hide missing spares" option is selected and the user will be able to add it to a quote.

D.  The system will log an error but will let the user proceed and add it to a quote.

Answer: A


How can the pricing function be compartmentalized to ensure long-term ease of maintenance?

A.  by creating and utilizing only library functions in addition to the pricing function logic

B.   by creating and utilizing formulas and library functions in addition to the pricing function logic
C.  by using data tables to store sections of the pricing logic

D.  by using Configuration to implement a bulk of the pricing logic and doing simpler things such as discounting in Commerce

Answer: C


You want to perform a migration from a development site to a QA site. What is the Oracle recommended way to accomplish this?

A.  Open Migration Center in the development site, log in to the QA site through the migration center section, select the components that are to be migrated, and start the migration

B.  Open Migration Center in the QA site, log in to the development site through the migration center section, select the components that are to be migrated, and start the migration

C.  Use a DB Link, log in to the development site through the migration center section, select the components to migrate that are to be migrated, and start the migration
D.   Download the components that are to be migrated from the development site and upload them in the QA site.

Answer: A


Your customer has both Salesforce and CPQ Cloud and would like to achieve the following:

-  Select one parts master to hold all of the parts data.

-  Provide the ability to upload and download parts data.

-  Have a corresponding price book entry to each part.

-  Ensure that the parts are available for currently integrated external systems.

-   Ensure that the parts data is available for reporting to the entire product development team, without purchase of extra licenses of CPQ Cloud.

Based on these requirements, which two options would you choose to design and implement the parts master?

A.  Store all the parts data in Salesforce and use the Salesforce Daata Loader tool to upload and download the parts data.
B.   Use the Salesforce price book and reporting and use the integration APIs to make all the parts data available for use in other external systems that are integrated with Salesforce.
C.  Store the parts data in CPQ Cloud and use the Bulk Data service to upload and download the parts data. Use the price book entries for each part.
D.  Integrate each external system with CPQ Cloud on client approval. purchase the reporting capability for your CPQ Cloud site.

Answer: A, C


What are three valid causes for a Configuration rule failing to execute?

A.  The status of the rule is set to Inactive.

B.  The rule's Condition attributes are hidden on the Configuration Layout.

C.  A runtime error occurs within the rule, which is firing before the current rule.

D.  The attributes used in the rule are not added on the Configuration Layout.

Answer: A, C, D


Your customer wants to have the Commerce pricing function invoke a Util library function applyDiscounts(), which applies discounts on the distributor price, the reseller price, and the end- customer price, and then returns the discounted values. Identify three approaches that can be used to pass these values back to the Commerce pricing function.

A.  Add all values to an array and return the array.

B.   Construct a return result string in the following format and return this string: document Number ~ variable Name ~ value [ | document Number ~ variable Name ~ value ]*
C.  Add these values to a dictionary along with appropriate keys and return this dictionary.

D.  Return the values by using multiple return statements.

Answer: A, B, C


Which two statements are false regarding Arrays?

A.  You can add HTML type attributes to the Arrays.

B.  You can add Single select type attributes to the Arrays.

C.  Arrays support ajax based rules.

D.  You can re-order the attributes to adjust the layout.

Answer: C, D


Your client requires configurators with 400 configurable attributes that don't need to be selected in a specific order and the client is concerned about page load time. How would you utilize Configuration Flows to provide an optimal user experience?

A.  Display attributes on one tab in groups.

B.  Display attributes using a multi-node config flow.

C.  Use tabs to display attributes.

D.  Use CSS to hide irrelevant attributes during selection.

Answer: B


What does the Internal status signify in a Configuration rule?

A. The rule must fire if a condition is satisfied.

B.  The rule does not fire even if a condition evaluates to true.

C.  The rule fires only if a condition is satisfied and the user is of type FullAccess.

D.  The rule fires regardless of the condition.

Answer: A


Identify two ways in which you can display a message to a user while using table-based lookups for an attribute.

A.  defining an advanced BML (BigMachines Language) function for that attribute

B.  setting the message type as Static Entry when selecting an attribute to populate

C.  setting the message type as Table Column when selecting an attribute to populate

D.  defining a static text message for that attribute

Answer: A, C


How would you align attribute labels on a configuration screen so that they are evenly distributed vertically?

A.  by adding HTML attributes and using </br>

B.  by using CSS

C.  by adding real-only text area attributes on the layout with the required dimensions

D.  by adding spacers in the Configuration Layout and defining spacer height

Answer: A


There is a multi-select attribute with five options, displayed as checkboxes. Depending on conditions, the configurator should show a user three of these five options. How should you accomplish this?

A.  by writing a Constraint rule

B.  by writing a Hidden rule

C.  by writing a Recommendation rule

D. by writing a Pricing rule

Answer: B


After saving content to the Content library, you check the Content library Tree and find that the new content is missing. What would be your immediate action?

A.  Close, refresh dynamic sources, and re-open the Dynamic Data window.

B.  Close and re-open the Content Library Tree.

C.  Deploy Commerce.

D.  Deploy Config and Commerce.

Answer: B


Which two options can quotes be forwarded to by using forwarding rules?

A.  users

B.  user groups

C.  any email address registered in the CPQ Cloud BigMachines system

D.  any of the users that are part of the Approval group

Answer: B, D


In Configuration, when does the "Constraint rule on a hidden attribute" error occur?

A.  when Hiding rules run first and they hide attributes when a condition is true

B.  when Constraint rules run first and when conditions for both the Constraint and Hiding rules are true
C.  when Constraint rules run first and the attribute values are hidden before a Hiding rule can be triggered

D.  when Hiding rules run first and hide the values that are to be constrained

Answer: C


What are three available options for pulling existing products already purchased by a customer (installation base) while implementing renewals?

A.  importing assets from sales force into BigMachines

B.  fetching asset data via a Web Service call from an external system

C.   storing asset data in a BigMachines data table and displaying it by using a Commerce attribute
D.  importing parts by using Recommended Item rules

Answer: B, C


You have 50 000 quotes in your BigMachines site. Based on a new requirement that you received from your client, you have added a new line item attribute to the line item grid, which shows a customer-specific discount for the line item part, fetched from a data table. How would you update the existing quotes to show this discount value?

A.  Update the quotes manually.

B.  Run a mass update all quotes.
C.  The existing line items will get updated automatically.

D.  Create a new Commerce library function and pass a quote numbers as input.

Answer: C


Which two options are true about Price Books?

A.  are preferred when there are price variations for the same product by region

B.  independently support very complex price calculations

C.  enable association of one part with multiple prices

D.  are recommended when there is only one list price per part

Answer: A, C


Which two are valid scenarios for looping by using XSL Snippets?

A.  The data needs to be formatted before being used in loop conditions.

B.  The grid selector cannot handle the conditions that you need to implement.

C.  The data in the line item grid must be displayed as a table.

D.  You want to display a table of single-select, quote-level Commerce attributes.

Answer: C, D


Which access type is assigned to a user of a partner organization when it is created?

A.  RestrictedAccess

B.  ChannelAgent

C.  FullAccess

D.  SalesAgentAccess

Answer: A


Which rule fires last in the sequence of operation in Configuration?

A.  Recommendation Rules

B.  Pricing Rules

C.  Hiding Rules

D.  Recommended Item Rules

Answer: B


What is a recommended approach to keep in mind when implementing the Commerce pricing function?

A.  Ensure that parts and prices are added in the part database.

B.  Ensure that the part database is indexed.

C.  Use data structures such as dictionaries to store line information that needs to be referenced later in the code. A hash is faster than looping each time.
D.  Ensure that Ajax is enabled.

Answer: A


The following BML code in Config encountered an HTTP 404 error from urldatabypost (, "a1=v1&a2=v2", "call failed") Which two statements are true?

A.  The call will return "HTTP 404 Not Found".

B.  The call will return "call failed".

C.  An HTTP error will be displayed in red text with the message "HTTP 404 Not Found" at the top of the configuration screen.
D.  The HTTP error will be captured in the BigMachines Error Logs: bm.log.

E.    An unhandled exception will be displayed in red text at the top of configuration screen.

Answer: B, E


A red "x" is showing up instead of a part (item) in a configuration. What is causing this?

A.  The Recommended Item rule is not firing.

B.  The Recommended Item rule is recommending more than one part number.

C.  The Recommended Item rule is recommending a part that does not exist.

D.  The Recommended Item rule is recommending an incorrect price for the part number.

Answer: C


In Configuration, what would you use to display the price of each option in a menu attribute next to that option?

A.  Recommendation rule

B.  Recommended Item rule

C.  Pricing rule

D.  Attribute Value Pricing

Answer: B


Which two scenarios can be automated with File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

A.   Every night, an administrator queries the inventory database and updates a BigMachines data table with the new inventory levels.

B.   An administrator needs to query an internal web service to get real-time updates about inventory levels and modify discounts based on it.

C.  Every day at 13.00, administrator checks the bank's current exchange rates and updates the exchange rate conversion data table with the new rates.

D.   An administrator needs to update the conversion rates half an hour after the rates are received from the supervisor.

Answer: A, D


Which two statements are true?

A.  The order of integrating XSLs on the Integration tab of an Action defines the order in which field values will be sent to an external system.
B.     The SFDC Quote Upsert Integration XSL file does not take field mappings into consideration as defined in the CPQ Cloud Site Setup object in Salesforce.
C.  The SFDC Quote Process Updates integration XSL file is used to notify that SPQ Cloud has completed sending updates. This integration triggers processing and synchronizing of new changes.

D.   SFDC Opportunity Upload is used to send back relevant opportunity fields from a CPQ Cloud Quote.

Answer: A, C


Identify two ways to modify the overall integration behavior of BigMachines and Salesforce.

A.  Write a custom BML Util library function in BigMachines.

B.   Use the integration XSLs within the Commerce process to modify integration behavior at the object and field levels.

C.  Write a Salesforce API to change integration behavior in BigMachines.

D.   Use the Site Setup object and BigMachines Commerce Package settings in Salesforce to meet varying customer requirements.

Answer: B, D


Which modules support BMQL statements?

A.  Formula Administration and Commerce

B.  only Formula Administration

C.  Commerce and Configuration

D.  Formula Administration and Configuration

Answer: C


You need to add the same part number twice to a configuration but in two separate line items. What must you do to achieve this?

A.  Recommend the parts by using an advance BML script.

B.  Ensure that the Identifier is set in the result statement.

C.  Ensure that the configuration option Sum Recommended Items Quantity is not selected and that the Identifier is set in the result statement.

D.  This is the default behavior and no setting needs to be changed.

Answer: B


You have implemented a Commerce Hiding rule, which has an Advanced action. While unit

testing, you find that the attributes specified in the rule are not getting hidden, even though the specified condition evaluates to true. What are two possible reasons for this behavior?

A.  Config was not deployed after the rule was implemented.

B.  Commerce was not deployed after the rule was implemented.

C.  There is a syntax error in the Advanced condition.

D.  The rule is inactive.

Answer: A, C


Which rule is used to hide menu options in a single-select configurable attribute?

A.  Hiding rule

B.  Constraint rule

C.  Pricing rule

D.  Recommendation rule

E.    Recommended Item rule

Answer: B


How can information that is stored in a part field be shown in the line item grid column in Commerce?

A.  by adding a field to the part database

B.   by adding a column and mapping it to the field in the line item grid in the Commerce Layout editor

C.  by adding a column to the line item details layout in the Commerce Layout editor

D.  by adding a column to the Commerce Layout editor

Answer: B


The data table "Related parts" exists in the QA environment and in the production environment. The table has 3000 records in the QA environment and 4000 records in the

production environment. How many records will be present in the data table in the production environment if this table is migrated from the QA environment?

A.                3000

B.                4000

C.                7000

D.                1000

Answer: B


How can action buttons be hidden in Commerce?

A.  by using Commerce hiding rules

B.  by using Configuration hiding rules

C.  by using profiles and steps in Commerce

D.  by putting the action button bar on a hidden tab in Commerce

Answer: B


Which two statements are true?

A.   Cast Iron and Web Methods are two of the middleware tools used to integrate ERP and CRM systems.

B.  BigMachines provides out of the box integration with Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud.

C.    BigMachines has its own middleware tool to integrate this external CRM and ERP applications.

D.  Web services are used for CRM integration but not for ERP integration.

Answer: A, B


How do you restrict a user from a manually adding or removing rows in an Array set?

A.  by using CSS to hide icons

B.  by hiding the control attribute

C.  by hiding the control attribute and mark it as forced set

D.  by selecting the "Disable user override" property on the configurable Array set editor page

Answer: B

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